Cuckold Fantasies Volume 5 is a Real Panty Flooder!

In the realm of cuckolding videos, there are pretenders and contenders. There are videos – lots of them – where the action hinges on the viewers believing the woman involved is married, a premise usually set up with the woman claiming there is a husband somewhere. Then there are the rare flicks where the husband is there, enthralled by his wive’s brazeness, enslaved by her will to satisfy herself with something more than her husband can offer. Something better. Something bigger. The Roman Video series “Cuckold Fantasies” falls into the latter category.

Me and a few friends sat down this weekend to devour their latest offering, Cuckold Fantasies Volume 5, and we weren’t disappointed by the action. The movie stars Naomi, one of the hottest new stars in porn movies, appearing in her first cuckolding scenes. she is very hot and was born for this kind of kink, coming across as a conniving and spoiled young wife who knows what she wants and when she wants it. Now! She convinces her husband to get her a well hung stud like the one in the cuckolding movies they, themselves, have been watching. And that is where the fun begins – for her!

Naomi feminizes her husband while waiting for her young stud to arrive. This isn’t something I’m particularly into myself. I like my men masculine! But I do understand that many people do get turned on by this and Roman Video is know for catering to many perverse tastes. Afterwards, though, the movie really takes off for me. She writes with lipstick on his belly, “small dick loser” after she locks him in a male chastity belt, and then forces him to service her ass and pussy with his tongue to warm her up for her lover.

Of course, he does arrive and is hung like a horse. Naomi gets fucked every way imaginable and enjoys every minute of it while her poor wimp husband is forced to be little more than a plaything to enhance her pleasure. He kisses her feet while her stud fucks her, and licks her clit while her stud’s dick is still pounding her. Then comes the payoff. Her stud cums – shooting streams of jism in her and on her.

Next comes something not often seen in cuckolding movies though paramount in the lifestyle and people’s fantasies of it. He licks her lover’s cum out of her and off of her after she demands it. You can search the internet for days and not find scenes like this. Perhaps it’s difficult finding men who will actually do it?

Like all their movies, Cuckolding Fantasies Vol. 5 doesn’t disappoint. The women are beautiful and slutty, and the men are hot with horse dicks. Cuckolding isn’t for everyone, and this movie’s depiction of it is pretty graphic. For those who have a true passion for the subject matter, though, Cuckolding Fantasies Vol. 5 is a pantie flooder!

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