Cuckold Fantasies Vol. 6 Has A Strong Female Lead

“I want to see what he has in his pants” my friend said in anticipation. I was biting my lower lip, a bit impatient myself. Amanda Emino, a streetwise Italian goddess, was being a bit of a tease in Roman Video’s latest offering in their Cuckold Fantasies series. She had Donny Long right where she wanted him – splayed out on her couch – and had stoked him to an obvious hardon through his pants. But we’d not seen “it” yet. Instead, we’d seen her berate her husband into allowing her to fuck another man. We’d seen him help her dress in some sexy lycra dress, then send her off to “the club” while he patiently waited on his hands and knees in a corner for her to return with a lover.

Which brings us to the “unwrapping,” where Amanda finally let’s us see Donny’s dick while her husband, Freddy, worship’s her feet. We weren’t disappointed. it was huge. And she wraps her lips around it as my friend and I wished we could, and she smirks at her pathetic husband the way we have looked at ours before. And Amanda cuckolds him. Her husband pleads with her to stop. But she doesn’t. She, like many women, has been deprived of a large cock for too long. So she fucks him. Her husband watches.

Standard cuckolding faire? Maybe, but what always makes Roman Video’s portrayal of the subject matter hot is the personalities of the cuckoldress. We want to be her. In Vol. 6’s case, Emino is a tough Brooklyn-type with a matching accent who knows how to string together obscenities in an often comical yet creative way. She hurls the verbal assaults at her wimp husband Freddy with a sly smile as she’s being pounded by Donny in every conceivable way, admonishing him for not being able to satisfy her in the way her lover can.

And of course, what cuckolding feature would be complete without the payoff? Long’s beautiful cock shoots streams of pearly white cum on her and in her. Amanda then takes perverse pleasure in having Freddy lick her lover’s cum off her and out of her. Such are the duties of a cuckold who adores his cheating wife.

Substance wise, cuckolding movies seldom break new ground. The subject matter is pretty routine from flick to flick. Sure, other elements can be introduced to lend an element of diversity, like BDSM, but the mark of a truly good cuckolding movie is the performances of the leads. Roman Video’s series on the topic always delivers in that department, especially in the female lead. Vol. 5, reviewed here several months ago, featured a “spoiled debutante” type girl who is used to getting what she wants. Now Vol. 6 gives us Amanda Emino, a strong woman who takes what she wants and tells anyone who tells her no to “fuck off!”

For dirty sexy cuckolding fun, check out Roman Video’s “Cuckold Fantasies Vol. 6.

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