Cuckold Fantasies Vol. 2: Did I Just See Her Snowball Him??

“Ladies, here is an example of sensual dominance.” I said to my crew as we watched Harmony sweet talk her man into becoming a cuckold in Roman Video’s Cuckold Fantasies Vol. 2. “Forget the bitchy attitude, stop barking orders, hang you whip back in the closet,” I continued. “Just be sweet, sexy, rub his dick, and I gauran-damn-tee you you’ll get what you want every fucking time.”

Fucking time? It’s always fucking time in these movies. Someone told me I needed to review vol. 2 in this series and I finally got around to it and holy shit, it was hot! I’m not going to play this up and tell you it’s that much different from the other titles I’ve written about, but Harmony takes this one to a new level with a few little tricks we’ve not seen before. After her lover fucks her every which way but loose, with hubby licking her pussy underneath (sigh! I do luv that!), we get the pay off scene we’ve come to expect from Roman Video -hubby eats the cream pie. But here is where it gets a little more interesting.

Harmony has her husband suck her lover’s cum of her fingers before he laps up the rest from her pussy. Yes! I’ve actually done something like that before myself. Do you have time for a quick college story? OK, I was sitting at a table at a bar when I was in school with a guy on one side of me and his buddy on the other. They both wanted me. Unkown to one of these guys, I jerked the other one off under the table. With his warm, gooey spunk still on my fingers, I raised my hand to the other’s lips and he took my fingers into his mouth. He acted a little surprised but never realized what he’d ingested. At least he never said he did. But anyway…

After allowing her husband to jerk off, Harmony thrilled and amazed us by licking his cum off of him, and then snowballing him! She also scooped some of his cum off with her fingers and fed it to him. Cum play! You don’t see this too often.

And there, ladies, is the difference between Roman Video’s cuckolding movies and some of the others out there. While they’re not breaking any new ground on plots, they do boldly go where others don’t. It’s often the sideshows that make the circus worthwhile. Roman Video gets that, which makes them the ringleader, I suppose. Roman Video’s Cuckold Fantasies Vol. 2.

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