College Grind

collegeAfter graduating college, I spent some time as a grad assistant while waiting for an opening as a full time professor.  I was almost thirty by the time I finally received a call from a neighboring university offering me a prime position.  The weekend before I was to begin teaching, my girlfriends surprised me with a girls’ night out to celebrate my new career.  It was a wild night of drinking and dancing that ended with sexcapades leading to one of the most awkward moments of my life.

I was well into my third vodka and cranberry when a hot younger guy sauntered up to our table and asked if I wanted to dance.  I was reluctant, really just wanting to hang with my friends, but even they could see that he was a piece of action that I needed in my life, at least for one night.  They pushed me to dance with him and I didn’t put up much resistance, letting him lead me out to the crowded dance floor.  We were surrounded by sweaty bodies gyrating to the pulse pounding music that blared from the DJ’s booth.

His gaze remained fixed on mine the entire time we danced, his smoldering dark eyes drawing me in deeper.  The way he moved his body was positively sinful.  I could just imagine the ripped abs and muscular chest that were encased in the deep blue shirt he wore atop a pair of acid washed jeans that hugged his perfect tush like a glove.  Somewhere between songs, as the music continued to pump all around us, I learned that his name was Brian and told him mine was Rebekah.

My friends weren’t surprised at all when I ditched them and left with what promised to be a great lay.  It was part of the girl code to never stand in the way of a potential one night stand, unless the layee was too intoxicated to realize she had snagged a real sloth of some sort.  This guy was certainly no sloth and I was only a bit tipsy, so I found myself being shipped off by my friends with a couple of winks and even a slap on the ass from my best friend.

We were barely out of the car before we were tripping along the sidewalk, pawing at each other’s clothes like we were going to get naked and do it on the front lawn.  I could feel his hard-on pressing against my ass while I fumbled to get my key in the lock and pushed the front door open.  We spilled forward into my living room as he kicked the door closed behind him and pinned me across my living room sofa, pushing up my short dress and yanking my panties down.

[adrotate group=”9″]I moaned loudly as his skilled tongue and mouth brought me to several mind numbing orgasms, each one more intense than the next.  Just when I wasn’t sure I could take it anymore, he pulled away and I heard the sound of his pants unzipping.  Then he was inside me, pounding into me from behind as I lay folded over the arm of the couch.  He seemed to last forever, leaving me panting and weak from multiple orgasms before he finally came inside of me with a loud groan.  We had sex several more times that night, each one livelier than the next.  By the time we said our goodbyes the next morning I could already feel how sore I was from the physical exertion of the sexually frenzied night before.

I was feeling pretty good the rest of the day, just thinking about how fantastic the sex with him had been.  Once the morning after sex glow passed, I spent the rest of the evening getting ready for my first day of teaching class and went to sleep feeling excited about my first day of work.  The next morning, I was up early and ready to tackle the classroom head on.  I was prepared for anything…or so I thought.

I instructed arriving students to pick up a copy of the syllabus from my desk before taking a seat until one came in that I immediately recognized.  For a moment, I was completely speechless.  Standing in front of me was the gorgeous young stud from the club.  Should I address it or just pretend it didn’t happen?  He brought a single finger to his lips and winked at me before taking his seat.  Fortunately, he was an excellent student and didn’t need any special favors that he felt the need to call in.  Neither of us ever mentioned what had happened, though I often found myself leaving the classroom with damp panties and considering whether I should risk another night with him.

~Wendy L.
St. Louis, MO