Cocktails with a political twist

In honor of this heated political season, Travelsin Taste tracked down some delicious and potent mixed drinks from bars and clubs from around the country. Here is a sample:

The Royal Palms Resort & Spa restaurant T. Cooks offers The Great American Cosmopolitan, combining Ketel One Citron vodka with lime juice, Cointreau, grenadine and a pineapple foam.

Jay Z’s upscale restaurant and sports lounge The 40/40 Club is serving up the USA Martini, a layered cocktail made with Godiva white chocolate liqueur, grenadine, blueberry vodka, vanilla vodka and blue Curacao.

There’s also Pundit’s Punch from Pick & Rocks Cocktails – an ever changing, flip-flopping, but always optimistic concoction. It’s made with rum, ginger, lemon and melon as of today … but tomorrow it could be made with something new!

View them all here.