Christian groups encourage premarital sex!

xtinSome Christian groups encourage premarital sex claiming that the Bible says nothing about it at all.  Very interesting approach here!  From the website “Liberated Christian” cums, I mean comes, this:

I hear from so many Christian women who say there biggest mistake was not having more sex before marriage and now find themselves in such a totally unsatisfying relationship physically. Where is one to learn good sex skills when both partners are ignorant? There is far more to sex than just having intercourse. Studies show about 40% of women never have an orgasm from just intercourse and most women enjoy far more. That is why so many women are sexually frustrated when a man doesn’t have a clue- how is he supposed to learn, or the women learn of her own sexuality if they go into marriage clueless without much experience?

Of course, we at scandalouswomen have always believed girls should test drive as many cars as they can before they decide which one to buy and then, of course, continue joy riding in other cars when the opportunity presents itself!  😉


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