Charlie Overbey Displays Influences

Legend has it when when Elvis first walked into Sun Records studios back in the 50s he was asked by the receptionist, “who do you sound like?” Presley responded, “I don’t sound like anyone.” But of course that wasn’t really true. The rock pioneer sounded like everyone and no one in particular. A plethora of musical styles resided in his voice and style. Like a sponge Charlie Overbey has also soaked up many influences – from Johnny Cash and Bruce Springsteen to Leanard Cohen, 70s punk and 90s grunge – and he squeezes them out over his music, producing a unique blend of rock-alternative country-punk-americana. Sounds schizophrenic, right? Listen to the music!

An out of the box favorite from his new album “Charley and the Valentine Killers” is ‘Stuck In This Town,” a Springsteen-like rock anthem for everyone who’s always felt alternately confined and comforted by their familiar surroundings. “Been Down That Road” is a heart-felt reflection of the the human experience from the perspective of someone’s who has “been around the block and back, back before the block was new.” Sweet Love Hangover is a darling slice of Americana, a power ballad complete with synth-fiddles and a military-like snare drum breakdown. Eight more songs round out this collection. If you want to gorge yourself on some modern story telling tunes, surf over to Amazon or iTunes and download this treat. If you can’t wait, we have a sample for you below.