Changing Modes Modernizes Classic Post Punk

While listening to New York art-rockers Changing Modes’ album In Flight, I was reminded of The Dresden Dolls or something off an 80s post-punk Blondie album. Don’t get me wrong, thi sixteen track collection fits in well with the today’s popular indie band sound and DEFINITELY has a modern flare but it does give a tip of the hat to that retro throw back sound that many established artists are currently going for. Just when you think you have them figured out, though, they hit you with a new sound. That is the genius of this band.Track by track,  each twist and turn keeps you coming back for another listen.

Particle Collider has a classic guitar riff and disco style beat combined with vocals reminiscent of early Bangles which contrasts with the slightly funkier Reflection. The groovy bass line in this song will definitely get you moving with the infectious hook… na nana na nana na.

I think the best songs are the ones that tell a story. Professional Girl weaves the tale of girl whose profession is to “makes no concessions.” Complete with a trumpet solo and Latin feel, it almost seems like something you would here at Vegas show or maybe an old Henry Mancini song. I can see the story unfold as if the character came straight out of the pages of a femme fatale novel.

The title track, In Flight, layers harmonies over classic piano with a hint of “electronica meets the Beatles a la Yellow Submarine.” Everyday the clouds get clearer. Then one day we disappear in flight sends the message home that everyone has to figure out their own journey as they “leave the nest”.

While the band’s two lead singers Wendy Griffiths and Jen Rondeau really sell the sound, I would like to hear more from drummer David Oromaner who takes lead vocals on the mild paced Blue. Over all, this album is eclectic and interesting and keeps the audience engaged as they wonder what the next track is going to sound like. It definitely left me wanting more.

Changing Modes is more than your average synth-pop retro band and to prove it, we’ve got your free track right here: Reflection.