Carnival Ride

I’ve always loved carnivals, particularly Ferris wheels. I stood nearby and watched the colorful lights blink in time to the festive music while the metal seats dipped and swayed as they traveled round and round. I’d always wanted to fuck atop the Ferris wheel. I need a partner, I thought.

I scanned the area and spotted a handsome hunk watching me. I walked toward him, my hips swinging in my cut off denim shorts and my fingers eagerly opening the buttons on my tiny red halter-top. “I have this fantasy,” I said in a sultry tone. I reached one hand to his crotch, feeling his cock beginning to swell. “I want to fuck on the Ferris wheel while it’s stopped high above the crowd. Are you interested?”

“I’m interested,” he replied, covering my hand with his.

The man running the control eyed us as we got in line. My nipples jutted forward in tight buds and when I pressed a twenty into the operator’s hand, he smiled and nodded knowingly. I felt so hot I could hardly wait to get to the top, especially since I knew the guy on the ground would be peering upward, trying to watch us.

We slid into the seat and snuggled against each other, his arm wrapped tightly around my shoulders, our hips pressed together. The metal bar locked across our laps, securing us safely inside, but once we lifted off, my willing stud and I were already petting heavily. I covered his hard cock with my hand, raking my red acrylic nails across his hot bulge and he slid his fingers inside my top and tweaked my ripe nipples. I had to stifle a little squeal as the wheel took us higher in the air.

I scanned the crowd below. Several people had their eyes pinned on us. I hoped they stayed and watched. There’s something so erotic about fucking and having someone watch!

As the Ferris wheel came closer to bringing us to the top, I grew more eager to slip out of my shorts. I wanted my ass bare so I could feel the breeze blowing against my clit. My lover had ideas of his own-he pushed the bar off our laps, then he pushed his hand between my thighs, opening my knees. When he slipped his hand inside my shorts, it was all I could do to keep from squealing my delight.

“Suck my nipples,” I urged, opening my top and pushing one tit in his face. He grinned and grabbed my tight rosebud eagerly, sucking it inside his hot mouth and flicking it with his tongue.

The wheel rose higher and higher. I looked down at the couple in the lower seat-he was fondling her tit while she groped his cock. Suddenly the wheel stopped, making our seat swing back and forth.

“We’re on top,” I said. “Time to fuck.”

I wiggled around and slipped out of my shorts while he unzipped his jeans and hauled out his hard cock. It was beautiful and I couldn’t resist dipping my head and giving its bulbous tip a quick wet lick. “I’m so fucking hot!” I confessed. I started to straddle his cock but he pushed my legs open and rubbed my clit until I almost came on his hand! “Fuck me now!” I said.

I straddled his cock and came down hard on it. My hot cavern gobbled it up and I let a little mew slide between my lips. It felt so good! The metal seat began to swing as we began to move. He clutched my naked ass in his big hands and shoved into me hard, just the way I like it.

I wound my arms around his muscled shoulders and rode his cock like a bucking bronco.

He was so big and long; so hot and hard. I glimpsed the couple in the seat right beneath us; they were getting in on too! I could see his hard cock in the woman’s moving fist and she was lounging back in the seat as he stroked her pussy!

“Oh honey!” I exclaimed. “I’m going to come!”

I felt the orgasm begin in my crotch and spread into my belly. It was exquisite! A crescendo of tingling sensations shot along my limbs. The metal seat rocked with our movements and a squeal of delight leapt from my throat as the orgasm came full bloom!

“You’re a great piece of ass!” he said as he reached his own orgasm. He sucked my left nipple inside his mouth and lathed it with his tongue, making my orgasm feel more intense.

“You’re so good. Maybe we could fuck on the Octopus next,” I invited, my lips pressed against his ear.

“That’s a really wild ride.” The thought of continuing our little sex game on another ride aroused me all over.

The seat rocked back and forth as my lover milked his cock, sliding it in and out of my cave. Finally, we separated; it was time to come down. We were spent, panting, yet quickly growing eager for more. “Play with me,” I invited, hunching my hips towards him.

He kissed me roughly, driving his mouth hard against mine as he rammed his fingers inside me. I knew then that he wanted more of me.

“Pick a ride,” he said, grinning at me. “And I’ll shut it down. Then we can play.”

I locked gazes with him as he pulled my nipple into his mouth again.

“Is this your carnival?” I asked, my insides quivering in anticipation.

He released my nipple and winked at me. “Welcome to the midway, baby.”


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