It was so hot out, well over eighty degrees, and I could feel sweat trickling between my large breasts as I lay gazing at the water. I needed to feel its coolness. I stepped into the blue water and a shiver ran through my body. I walked slowly, savoring the feeling until I couldn’t stand it any longer and dove under, letting the water sooth my burning skin.

I wasn’t paying much attention to where I swam; all I cared about was the corporeal feeling of the water wrapping me into its cool embrace. Then all of a sudden I ran into a solid chest. I sputtered and tried to get my feet under me. A pair of strong arms pulled me to a standing position.

I steadied myself against the man’s muscular shoulders. He brushed my hair back and I looked up into the most gorgeous face. His skin was a caramel tan. His dark eyes were warm and friendly and his lips were turned up in a sexy smile that showed off the dimples in his cheek.

My breath caught in my throat as my hands slipped down to his rock hard chest. I could feel his nipples like small stones under the softness of my palm. His hands, which had been wrapped firmly my waist, slipped down to my ass as he pulled me closer. “Careful,” he whispered.

I couldn’t tear my gaze away from his face, his luscious lips. His thigh rubbed against my own smooth legs. I could feel a warmth enveloping me that had nothing to do with the sun. I looked into his eyes and found a look of desire there that mirrored the passion I was feeling for him.

My heartbeat sped up and my lips tingled with the caress of his lips. He tasted of salt water, a cool mint, and something indescribably male. I could feel his hard shaft pressed against the softness of my stomach. It didn’t matter that I didn’t know his name, my body knew what it wanted and that was all that mattered.

The water lapped at my breasts, teasing my nipples. I ran my finger between his shorts and his smooth skin as he lowered his head to kiss my neck. His mouth on my body was like fire on ice.

I slowly slid my hand further into his shorts until I found his cock. I lightly ran my fingers up and down his length and around the head. “Careful. You may get more than you want,” he whispered in a strained voice.

I knew that I couldn’t stop now. I wanted to feel his thick cock in my hot cunt. I tightened my grip to let him know just how much I wanted him. He reached down and cupped my throbbing pussy in his hand and I could feel a rush of heat building in the core of my body.

My breath came in shallow gasps as he slipped his fingers under my bikini and into my hot pussy. He caressed my folds lightly with his fingers; gently pushing his fingers in and then pulling them out. I began to tremble as his fingers rubbed my clit, harder and faster. He pinched my tiny nub between his thumb and forefinger, tugging lightly.

I arched my hips against him as my hand moved over his cock faster. My legs felt weak as a wave of ecstasy washed over me. I felt like crying out with pleasure, but before I could, his mouth covered my own. The shudders that ran through my body shook me to my very core. But the burning desire was still there. I wanted to feel his cock inside me.

As if reading my mind he lifted me slightly so that I could wrap my legs around his waist. I placed my hands around his neck and let my fingers sink into the rich thickness of his hair. His cock slid into my wet pussy, filling me completely. I ran my fingers down the side of his cheek over his light stubble. He caught my middle finger in his mouth and sucked lightly and a shiver of ecstasy ran through my body.

I rocked against his body and the water lapped at us as our movements became more intense. We were grinding and pulling against each other in a frenzy. I no longer cared if someone noticed. If only I could reach that place of nirvana. I could feel it building up inside me as his hips slammed into me again and again…faster…harder…. His cock rammed into me one last time and I felt his come deep inside me right before my body shook with the spasms of my own sweet release. I shook as I reached my nirvana…wave after sweet wave of release.

We pulled apart and kissed. Still close to one another, I looked up into his eyes and saw the he too still wanted more. I began kissing his neck and ears as he took my breast in his hand, running his thumb over my hard nipple. He bent to kiss my lips and whispered, “Careful. You may start something again.”

And that was just fine with me.


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