Campfire Thrill

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Making Love By The Campfire

The mist was beginning to swirl around my feet as I headed up the last few feet to my campsite. I shivered as the cool evening air cut through my clothes. It wasn’t one of my smartest plans going camping in March, but catching my boyfriend of two years bonking my supposed best friend was just a bit much. Escaping to the mountains was just what I needed to get my head on straight.

As far as I knew there was only one other person nearby-a botanist named Joe Silversmith had a cabin a few miles south. I’d only seen him from a distance, but boy did he look fine. Well over six feet, he had chestnut colored hair that brushed the collar of his flannel shirt. I couldn’t see what color his eyes were, but I could see just how nicely he filled out his worn jeans.

I didn’t bother with a fire; I was exhausted from hauling all my supplies up the mountain from my Jeep. Stepping into my tent, I quickly slipped out of my clothes and pulled on my flannel gown, grabbed a diet Pepsi and a sandwich out of my small cooler, and lay down on my sleeping bag. I focused on just how cozy I’d be if Joe were to visit me. I just couldn’t keep my thoughts away from the handsome botanist. I imagined his large rough hands stroking my body until I was writhing beneath him, begging for him to take me. My breath quickened as my hands slipped under my gown and pressed my breasts together. God, I wished I had him there to suck my nipples. My eyes drifted closed as I pinched and pulled the taut tips of my breasts, each sharp tug sending liquid heat deep inside my cunt.

Shifting, I raised my gown and spread my thighs. My fingers slid through my hot, aching folds and I rubbed my clit, pushing my body closer to climax. Just as the first sweet contractions pulsed inside me, I heard a low voice outside my tent.

“Hello, are you in there?”

Still caught in the first throes of my orgasm, I could only croak, “Yes.”

“It’s Joe Silversmith. I’m coming in,” he said just as his head and broad shoulders pushed inside.I didn’t have time to lower my gown or move my fingers from between my legs. “Oh God,” I groaned, feeling my face flame with embarrassment.

Joe’s dark chocolate brown eyes gleamed with excitement as he moved further into the tent. Belatedly, I moved to lower my gown. His large hand shot out to stop me and lay warm against my thigh. “Don’t,” he whispered, slipping off his boots and clothes. “I saw you earlier and you intrigued me. I just couldn’t keep away.”

Seeing the passion on his handsome face, I held my arms out to him. As he pulled the gown over my head, I stared at him in fascination. He was perfect. Large, sculpted muscles lightly dusted with chestnut hair across his chest. When my gaze found his cock I had to reach out to touch it. The hard, satiny rod throbbed in my hands. I couldn’t wait for him to fill me. “Joe,” I begged softly.

Carefully, he lowered his chest to my aching breasts until the hard tips were pressed firmly against his hot skin. I rubbed his hard cock through my slick folds. He growled and lifted my hips until just the head of his penis lay throbbing inside my cunt. He felt my readiness and pressed slowly inside me. He was a big man and for a minute I wondered if I’d be able to take all of him. He reached between our bodies and lightly stroked my clit. My hovering climax returned swift and hard as I arched wildly up into his downward thrust, taking every hard, perfect inch of him. His cock was so long and thick that when I started to come around him, he just held perfectly still, letting my inner muscles bring him to his own release.

A rough groan was forced from his throat as he filled me with hot come. Shudders racked his large frame as the ecstasy washed over him. “I knew you’d feel wonderful under me,” he rasped. Joe rolled on to his back, taking me with him so I was sitting astride him. He was still hard and I gasped as he filled me to my core. “Take it at your own pace,” he encouraged with a sly smile tipping the corners of his sexy lips.

Amazingly, at his gentle teasing, I felt a quick return of need. I clamped down on his cock and watched fires spark in his eyes. He caught my hips in his large hands and began to move me up and down on his shaft. I closed my eyes and let him set the pace. I could feel his chest rise and fall under my hands as he pulled me down, his lips catching mine in a hot, wild kiss.

I pressed down on him, his pubic bone caressing my clit as I raced for my pleasure. His breath rasped in his chest and I felt him pound harder into me. Suddenly, I felt the tremors begin deep inside me. “Please don’t stop,” I begged, arching wildly against him. He pumped harder into me, as he came with me.

“You’re amazing,” he said, kissing me gently on the lips.

“I think I’m going to like camping out this season,” I teased breathlessly before collapsing weakly across his massive chest, happily fulfilled.


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