C Is for Cuckold

Cal is about 42 years old now, but his fantasy was as persistent as it was amusing and, if he was honest, something he’d known about himself for a long time.

“I imagined myself, hiding between the mattress and the boxspring,” the bodybuilder-physiqued Cal said. “But not really hiding. I mean, anyone on the bed would notice that I was there. And Lina [not her real name] would be screwing someone on the mattress. And periodically, I’d pass up a cup of water. Or a towel. Or complain that I was just trying to get some sleep.”

Lina, 5′1″, five years younger than Cal, mother of three and sometime stripper with a professional gig at Cirque du Soleil, curled into their purple couch and smiled dismissively: “It turns him on.”

Which is precisely what fantasies are supposed to do. It’s when they become realities that real commitment enters the picture: not only because just fantasizing about something is orders of magnitude away from actually doing that something, but also because reality might be found lacking where fantasy is usually not.

Cuck is short for cuckold, men whose women have sex with other men…

via C Is for Cuckold | C-Notes | OZY.


  1. Hi Stephanie. I am a male and love this article. I have fantasized about being cuckolded for a while now and not sure if I would go threw with it unless I knew everything would be ok. I also wouldn’t want my significant other to leave me for someone else or anything. Do you think many women think about this topic and actually would like to try something like this? If so are there any ideas or tips you could give me to see if she would want to try it out?