Bulgarian Punk? Yes! Better Than Grey!

btg-lrgBetter Than Grey is a Pop/Punk band based in Sofia, Bulgaria. With several members having attended the National Musical Academy, you can hear in their music they have the potential to find success where ever the music takes them.

Reminding me a bit of Eve 6 and New Found Glory, Better Than Grey has already found success in Europe in the festival circuit along along with placing 6th in an International Songwriting Competition that featured thousands of bands. Why hasn’t this band made it to the USA and why hasn’t Kevin Lyman booked them on the Vans Warped Tour yet is a question many listeners should be asking.

The Most Stupid Way To Tell Someone That You Don’t Like Them is a song that fits the modern Pop/Punk style with catchy guitar riffs and vocals that are a perfect fit for Pop/Punk music. Yes folks, some styles of music stand the test of time and are not a flash in the pan. This song will have your head moving and your ears wanting to hear more.

Another song I enjoyed is called Always, a bit slower but not necessarily a ballad. It gives you a chance to catch your breath and take in the lyrics and musicianship that Better Than Grey brings to a listener.

Having released their album “No Way Back” in June 2011 there is certainly no going back. By this I mean there is only forward progress to be made with future appearances on the festival circuit and hopefully an ever growing fan base in 2013.

If you want to hear what good Pop/Punk music should sound like be sure to check out “Better Than Grey” on Facebook or their website for all the latest updates or to listen to their music. Support your local music scene as they are our future in music.

Here is a free track for you!