Brittnee Belt Casts A Long Shadow

I think we’re entering another golden age of pop music – an era when multiple styles converge on the music scene at one time then cross over each other. Periods like these happen quickly and if you blink, you might miss them. That isn’t to say artists that rise in times like these are flashes in the pan. Quite the opposite – these are times that produce industry superstars. But they do tend to hit fast, seemingly out of nowhere, leaving you scratching your head and wondering how you didn’t see this one coming. Brittnee Belt is like that. When people discuss Avril Lagigne, Kelly Clarkson and Katy Perry in the future, you might hear that name right along with them.

Before I get to the music, I also want to mention Belt declares her influences to be Disney and Nic teen favorites like Miley CyrusHilary Duff and Ashley Tisdale. Perhaps that’s where she’s taken her image cues from and I must say it’s always interesting to see stars like that go from a girl to a woman, from innocent pop ‘I love you so much’ songs to sexier and sometimes angstier pieces. Musically, though, she’s on a higher level.  An accomplished song writer and already being recognized as such in the industry, Brittnee Belt’s sounds blur the lines between pop, rock and new country (like the previously mentioned Kelly Clarkson.) We haven’t seen her pouty, wild side yet (a la Miley Cyrus) but shouldn’t be surprised when we do. Artists are expressive and one avenue to express themselves is by being provocative.

But let’s discuss the music more in depth. Britnee Belt is out with a new single called Shadow, an uptempo rock song with a hint of ragtime (look it up, kids) piano overlay. Similar in tone to Sara Bareilles’ Love Song. She sing’s with a young girl’s voice – until you hear the power when she belts the high notes. You can hear the influence of her teen-like contemporaries here but the power she exudes in various places in the piece makes you wonder if, by emulating her favorite singers, she’s somehow holding herself back.  Cyrus, Duff and Tisdale wouldn’t be able to pull this song off in the same key, nor would the more vocally capable students from her school of singing like Demi Lovato.

Shadow is a girl-power anthem at it’s core – she’s been quite, demure, like a shadow all her life but no more! It’s time you, well, heard her roar. And roar she does.

Grab Shadow by Britnee Belt free below.

Download Shadow (right click, ‘save as.’)