Breaking Him In

bhiThere I was, standing below Alex, steadying the ladder while he changed the bulb in my foyer. His shorts were loose; I swore I could see a pale ass cheek as he shifted around to keep his balance. Was he purposely teasing me? I gripped the ladder tightly, though what I really wanted to do was reach up those shorts, grab his balls and lead him to my bed. I desperately needed a new slave. Perhaps Alex would be the one.

He had moved into my small apartment building a few weeks prior. My last slave, Darren, had moved on. I had been without a hard cock and a dangling pair of testicles to tease and torment for months now. Apartment 3 had been empty until just the right person came along and, I must say, Alex could have been ordered from a catalog. He tried to be a real ladies’ man, always willing to help out, and always hinting in subtle ways that he was sexually interested in me.

I stepped back, keeping both hands on the ladder as he came down. He was so close, his clean, male scent intoxicated me. Momentarily, his ass was at eye level, and I wanted to bite it just to hear him yell. As usual, after being around him for more than five minutes, my pussy needed attention. Now I sensed his dilemma: if he turned around he’d have to brush against my hardened nipples. I finally let go of the ladder, and when he turned, his face was red. I looked down and saw why; his dick was hard. Slowly, I let my glance travel up his torso until our eyes met. I may have actually licked my lips in anticipation. I thanked him for his help, and he left.

I’ve been a dominatrix for years, and my lifestyle is very accommodating. I’m a registered nurse and work just a short walk away from my home. I prefer intense, temporary arrangements. The ferocity of my relationships makes for a high burnout rate among my submissive lovers. Darren, bless him, had outlasted them all.

Alex is maybe twenty-five and has an MBA in business with a strong computer background. He’s here for a year or so, setting up production processes at his company’s plants. Currently uninvolved, he’s perfect: very Ivy League, clean-cut. His all-American good looks are unmarked by experience. I couldn’t wait to comfort him while he comforts me, if you know what I mean. He would certainly need the it! My mind’s eye also pictured him with a well-striped ass.

I knew for certain I had to have Alex before the week was out. Being so close to breaking in a new slave had upped my orgasm threshold. I needed the mental and physical stimulation of a man putting himself at my disposal. I needed quivering flesh willingly offered to my whip. I needed to hear him plead for me to stop hurting him. I couldn’t wait to stretch his limits.

He always did laundry Sunday afternoon and so in the laundry room is where Alex discovered me — bent over a dryer, idly leafing through an old Cosmo magazine. My ass slowly undulated before his eyes as I shifted my weight from one sandaled foot to the other. I turned, and we looked silently at one another. He had on a raggedy old sweatshirt and pants. “Hi, Alex,” I finally said. “Hi, Helene, I thought the laundry room would be empty,” he said, making a funny gesture at his outfit.

“Well, look at me,” I said. I had on a tiny pair of cut-offs and a large t-shirt, my nipples poking at the thin weave.

I stayed close as he loaded his washer, not quite brushing against him. He was clearly uncomfortable. He strove for non-chalance. but when he turned toward me, there was that hard-on. We engaged in another little staring match, as I challenged his young male arrogance. He finally blushed and looked away. A little thrill rippled through me; his insecurity, coupled with his obvious lusty nature, equalled a very malleable young man. I’d have him begging to cum before long.

He tried to make small talk, but I was basically noncommittal. I bent down to unload my clothes from the dryer. When next I looked, he was standing facing the deep stainless steel sinks, rinsing something off. It’s now or never, I thought. I stepped behind him. trapping him against the cold sink. Reaching into his sweatpants, I pulled out his swollen cock. I backed up enough to strip his pants below his ass as he started to speak.

“Don’t talk Alex. Has this been hard all day?” I was roughly jerking him off. “I mean it,” I said menacingly, as he started to say something else. I thrust my hips against his finely haired ass, riding high and hard. I had his balls trapped under the edge of the sink, his cock straining over the basin. A rush of power surged through me; I had to be hurting him. My clit felt like a tight little knot between us. He was holding still, breathing raggedly.

“Do your balls hurt?” I gave an extra hard thrust.

“Yes!” he gasped out, painfully.

“Good,” I said, thoroughly pleased. “Now you can cum for me.” Increasing the speed of my stroking, I leaned into him so he could feel my breasts against his back. “Cum for me. Alex, cum hard,” I coaxed in a hot whisper.

He groaned and his cock flexed, his first load hitting the opposite side of the sink. I bent his penis straight down. Did he ever struggle when the length of his still-spurting cock made contact with that cold steel! When he was done with his uncomfortable orgasm, I didn’t let up.

“Hold still.” I stood next to him and made him watch as I rinsed his milky white cum down the drain. Then I grabbed an old washcloth and scrubbed his organ clean until it was as red as his face. “I’ll see you around.” I said, pick¬ing up my basket of laundry and leaving him with his sweatpants around his ankles, his cock still jutting over the sink. It hadn’t taken me five minutes from the time I returned to my apartment to the moment I fingered myself off. All I had to do was picture the look of shock on Alex’s face, knowing his control had been taken away by me. However uncomfortable it had been for him, I knew he liked it. Yes, he’d make a fine slave.

The tension escalated. First, Alex played hard to get, but he couldn’t stay away for long. By the end of the week, he was knocking on my door. “Helene, can we talk?”

“Come with me while I run a few errands.” I grabbed my bag and started out to my car, not waiting to see if he would follow. Of course, he would.

On the way to the supermarket, he tried the sensitive approach. “Helene, what happened the other day?”

“Why, Alex, I think I jerked you off into the laundry sink,” I said with a laugh. “But I don’t want to talk about that. Try something else.”

In return I got a stony silence, which I ignored. I think it had something to do with the fact that he couldn’t keep his eyes off my breasts.
When we got home, he carried in my groceries. I knew he had something to say, he just couldn’t get it out. “Thanks for your help, Alex,” I said, starting to close the door.

“Wait.” He almost grabbed the door, but stopped at my look. “Uh, can I see you again?” he asked shyly.

“That depends. Alex, I want you to know I run my relationships. If you can deal with that, be here tomorrow evening at five-thirty – and don’t be late.” I closed the door on his unsettled look.


The next day was one of pleasurable anticipation. 1 worked in the morning, but my mind would drift away every few moments to devise all sorts of nasty, humiliating things I could have Alex do to prove his worthiness. I was surprised when the receptionist told me I had a phone call from an Alex. “I’m sorry to call you at work,” he started, “but I want to ask you something before I come over tonight.”

“What is it, Alex?” I said in a calm voice.

“Can I call you . . . Mistress?” Heat blossomed in the pit of my stomach. This time I was speechless. He rushed on: “I know about you. Darren is my cousin. When he heard I was moving to the area, he called and told me about you.”

In a hushed, stern tone, I said, “So, Alex, you’ve been leading me on then, have you, when you could have been serving me all this time?” I didn’t give him time to answer. “Don’t be late tonight. We have a lot to catch up on.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he stammered, just before I hung up on him.

Later, I was in the bedroom changing, trembling with anticipation and anger. I pulled on a stretchy little teddy, then black heels on bare feet – I like to feel a slave’s tongue on my toes. My tight latex gloves reached almost to my elbows. Looking at them in the mirror as I put my hair back in a little chignon, I decided they were my favorite part of the outfit. Yes, I was hot and Alex was about to find out just how hot that was. I was toying with my favorite whip when I heard him knock.

“Come in, the door’s open.” I stayed where I was and listened for the door to close. “Strip for me, Alex. I’ll be out in aminute,” I called out to him. Igenerally break my slaves in slowly, nurturing their submission until I’m the focal point of their sexual desires. However, this boy had forfeited that luxury.

“Knees,” I barked when I came out of my bedroom. He started downward, saw my outfit and froze. Mistake, I thought, and caught him with the whip right across his upper ass. He was down before I could strike again. Heat flashed through my cunt, and I stood close so he could smell my arousal. “Have you heard about the latest deviance, Alex?” I ran my hand over his shoulders and he shivered. “The experts have decided there are people who are addicted to sex. I’ve always known I was one of those people.” I forced his head down and prodded his tightly clenched anus with the handle of my whip.

Oh Alex, I’m good at refocusing men’s sexual energy. Soon you’ll get a hard-on at the very thought of serving my needs. But first you need to be punished for making me wait.” I put a collar on him, hooked a leash to it and opened my hand to show him the nipple clamps I’d been holding.

He kind of hunched in on himself when I snapped them on him. The knot of heat in my groin tightened as he squirmed, trying to accommodate the bite, hissing between clenched teeth. I shackled his hands behind him. I knew if I didn’t come cum soon, I was really going to hurt this boy.

I sat down in a chair and pulled him by the leash between my wide-spread legs. He watched with wonder as my pussy lips flowered in front of him. I don’t think he heard half of what I said as I explained how he should service me. I trembled with his first laps at my fully exposed clitoris. I pulled the leash taut and bucked as he tried to keep his tongue on me. When he placed his lips around the base of my erect, little clit, I instructed him to be still.

“Now suck,” I said. I could feel the blood suffuse the nerve endings. “Yes, use just the tip of your tongue, ah, oh, yes!” I kept a tight hold on him, grinding against his face, getting both of us wet. When I was done, I pushed him away.

“That was nice, Alex.” I commended him like a good student. “Now, work on my feet.” I stretched them out between his legs, forcing his thighs wide apart. His dick was stiff and purple, with a drop of cum at the tip. He carefully bent over and, without a word, began to suck on my toes.

“Have you ever had anything up your tight little ass, young man?”

He faltered in his attention for a second. I grabbed one of his nipple clamps between my toes and tugged. “Ah, yes. Mistress,” he answered, starting to twist away, but then bravely holding still.

“Good boy, Alex,” I purred, as he continued lapping at my feet. “Tell me.”

He blushed and answered, “My own fingers, and a vibrator. But I’ve never had anyone fuck me.”

“Well, I’m very anal-oriented.” I led him to the spare bedroom. “Don’t worry, I know you’ll love it.” He balked when he focused on the room’s contents. I have a lot of goodies in there.

To hurry him along, I brought my whip down on his ass, leaving a new pink stripe above the first one. His back arched and his hands made tight fists in their restraints. “Ow! Mistress, I’m sorry!” He turned and looked at me with real fear in his eyes and scurried into the room. I was pleased with his eager compliance.

I pushed him onto the bed, face first, and unhooked his cuffs. I let him stretch his tired arms before cuffing his wrists to the headboard. Selecting a medium-size butt plug, I lubricated it and my fingers. Positioning myself on top of him, I held down his thighs with my knees. Well, when I proceeded to apply some lubricant directly to his anus, Alex jumped and tried to get up. “Relax, my slave,” I told him, “I’m just getting you ready. This part won’t hurt. Breathe out.” And when he did, I eased my greasy finger an inch or so into his virgin ass. I felt his ring tighten to keep out the invader. “Be still, Alex. It’s easier that way.” I gradually forced in the butt plug between his contractions. “Tell me about it, Alex, how does it feel?”

“My asshole’s full. Mistress. It doesn’t really hurt, but it’s full.” He sounded surprised and a little relieved.

“Good boy, Alex. But that’s nothing compared to what I still have in store for you.” I couldn’t resist scratching him across his welts.

“Oh, Mistress, please.” He squirmed as much as his bonds allowed.

I grabbed his nuts and tugged them between his legs. Again, he tried to get away – again, he was unsuccessful. With my insides buzzing, I roughly squeezed his sack and pulled up on it. He tried to follow me, but forgot his legs were still pinned. “What are you going to do now?” I taunted.

“I don’t know, Mistress,” Alex cried.

“You’re going to suck on my big pink nipples, slave boy.”

With that, I uncuffed him and held out my breasts with their bigger-than-half- dollar-size nipples. “If you truly want to please me, you’ll suck hard on them,” 1 strongly advised. Alex knew what was good for him; he took my advice.

“Alright, now stop,” I said, after he’d sucked them both. My clitoris felt like a live wire. I smacked his tight buttocks. “I like to fuck a hot ass, Alex. But first,” I warned, “the best way to warm one up is with a good paddling. After what you’ve put me through, you deserve one.” I repositioned him, stretching his arms out in front of him, tethering them to an eyebolt in the wall. I casually tugged on his nipples, watching as he writhed under the inescapable sensations. His pale ass was defenseless, his buttocks spread slightly.

I showed him my leather paddle. It wouldn’t hurt his ass too much, but I knew he’d think it was going to kill him. I stood back and he tried to tighten up.

I can’t describe the sound he made with the first whack, but it made my pulse increase. “Did that hurt, Alex? Beg me for another.”

His head hung down between his arms; I could barely hear him. “Yes, Mistress, please.” I didn’t hesitate, and this one caught him from underneath, lifting him. “Ow,” he squealed loud and long.

“Quiet now, Alex, and try to stay still. I don’t want to miss.” I went to work, and when I was done, he was warm and pink from his upper buttocks to mid thighs. I stopped when he started whimpering. My inner thighs were wet with arousal, my breasts swollen and heavy. I stripped off my teddy. The air hung with the smell of perspiration.

I strapped on my life-size latex cock. When I walked around so Alex could see it, his fearful reaction was all I could hope for. His begging made my pussy buzz again. “Oh no. Mistress, I’m not ready for that. It won’t fit . . . please, no …” He wound down when he saw my unyielding expression.

It’ll fit, Alex. It will hurt, but it’ll fit.” I led him to my massage table and had him lie on his back with his feet in the stirrups. This table is just the right height for me to stimulate myself while I fuck a slave. I explained this to him as I began to work on his asshole. Taking the butt plug out, I worked two fingers inside him. I told him I wasn’t going to restrain him; in fact, I expected him to beg for it.

I squirted lubricant into my palm and began to stroke his fat. hard cock. He raised himself up on his elbows to watch. I massaged his balls, stroking the veined surface of his meaty stalk. The head of my strap-on was lodged against his asshole. As he kept glancing up and down from my eyes to the dildo, my pulse went up another notch. He looked fearful but determined. I abruptly released one of his nipple clamps.

“Ow! That hurts!” This was his first experience with the agony of release. The involuntary expressions that crossed his face as I massaged the blood back into his hot, tight button were priceless. And his thrashing around had the desired effect; he had impaled himself on the head of my latex cock. “Oh . . . oh, Mistress, it’s so big!”

“Now, now, Alex, relax. Try to be still for a minute.” I wanted to ravish him. My clitoris was pressed hard against the bumpy pad on the back of the dildo; the stimulation was driving me wild. Finally, after a deep, tremulous breath, he looked at me again. “Are you ready for the other one?” I coolly asked him. He couldn’t see my thighs quivering in anticipation of sinking my tool balls-deep into his ass.

He bit his lower lip and nodded. “Ask me, Alex,” I reminded him, stroking his greasy cock slowly with one hand and poising my other over the remaining clamp.

“Please, Mistress, take it off,” he said. “And then what?” I pressed him.

“Oh Mistress,” he groaned. “Then fuck me.” I didn’t give him a chance to change his mind – I plucked off the clamp. He reacted beautifully, almost screwing himself onto me as the pain coursed through him. I jerked his cock, and his pumping hips finished the impalement. Now I went after my orgasm. 1 thrust against the base of the dildo, rubbing my swollen clitoris mercilessly. I looked down at his cock; it was bloated, purple.

“Come with me, Alex.” I knew he was ready. His hot prick was fucking my hand. With his first shot of come, my hips convulsed into him, my orgasm becoming as uncontrolled as his. It flashed through me with each contraction and release. The electric feeling snapped my hips back and forth. Alex had covered his chest with semen, and I caught the last few spurts on my fingers. Before we were totally finished, I reached up and fed him his own cum. He greedily lapped it up while gently riding the dildo with his now wide-open ass.

“It hurt. Mistress, but, my God, it felt so good,” he groaned, licking the remainder of his cum from my fingers.

I smiled and pinched his nipple. His surprised gasp strengthened the echoes of my fading orgasm. “It will always hurt with me, Alex,” I assured him.

~Helene, Washington, DC