Blood Runs Deep for Elainee Presley

FotoFlexer_Photo“Officially” Elvis Presley had one daughter – Lisa Marie. But the world knows the King of Rock-n-roll had many loves in his life and one of them, quite possibly, gave him another child. She grew up in the shadow of the man she considers her father and whether the world is ready to embrace her as “princess” in the Presley kingdom, two things are certain. She looks remarkably like Elvis and has been blessed with an eerily similar voice.

Oooh! Mystery and intrigue in the music world! Meet 3 time music award winning Elainee Presley. With an impressive Indie chart run, she’s ready to show the world the talent her bloodlines possess.

“I am here for my family and fans and I am very real and very down to earth and hope you like me.” Elainee says, displaying that famous Presley humbleness.

Her music is pure rock-n-roll, as it originally evolved in the 1950s. Far from being a novelty act, she prefers to downplay her heritage without losing that vital link to the Presley style. Spend some time at her Soundcloud page and get to know her voice. You can also download a free track – a cover of Don’t Be Cruel.

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