Blood Hounds: Guys Obsessed With Period Sex

Maureen O’Connor is out for a great piece on a little-known fetish.  She writes, “A few months ago, a friend told a juicy story about another friend’s hookup with a male pop star. “She said she was on her period, and he said he was into it. Like, it’s his thing.” The story involved period blood all over the musician’s face and the menstrual version of a shit-eating grin. “Ewwww,” I squealed in titillated terror as my friend added, “But that’s a thing, right? Guys who are into periods?” Not just okay with sex during menstruation, but actively seeking and looking forward to it.

At the time, I was skeptical. But after quizzing friends, strangers, and a few experts on the subject, I can now confirm that “into periods” is most definitely “a thing,” for men and women both. Some reasons are physical and hormonal; others practical; and many more are tied to erotic associations and pride in reveling in the uncensored female body. In men, such pride is a modern sort of machismo, one defined by hardcore connoisseurship — much like a chest-thumping dude-foodie who develops a taste for offal. Menstruation is, well, gross. It can irreparably damage your upholstery. It is made of a substance that causes people to faint on sight. Thus, menstrual sex is an advanced maneuver, available only to men and women with seasoned sexual palates and hangup-free psyches. As Louis C.K. put it in his famed mockery of menses-averse young men, “Fuck her in the period hole, you idiot, what’s the dilemma? I don’t give a shit, if you’re having your period, come on over. I’m 41, I’ll fuck the shit out of you, I’ll drink the blood, let’s party.”

My friend Daniela echoed this sentiment. “A real man goes down on you on your period. And loves it,” she wrote in an email. Sexual naifs fear encounters; those with experience cannot be fazed. “And you love it, too. The vag is much more sensitive when you’re menstruating,” Daniela continued. Read more…

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