Black In White

It was my first assignment for Scandalous Women. As a fairly recent college graduate in journalism, I had published a number of articles but never one that dealt with “mature” themes. Curiously, the prospect of doing a story that explored aspects of women’s sexuality intrigued me. I was drawn to it.

My husband had been gone for several weeks and would not be back for another month. Business. I must have been feeling the deprivation. What better way to get it out of my system than to write about it? Best to do it while my husband is away. He’d never approve of this. I figured that what he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him.

I interviewed Susan first. She was a very attractive, 28 year old. Petite, brunette, very upscale, well educated and engaged. After chitchat and coffee, we got to work. The topic- sex with black men. For Susan, it was plain curiosity that led to her first black encounter. “Women today have a lot more choices. I want to experience life before I settled down.” Susan didn’t want to miss anything in life. She wanted it all. This is her story.

“I wanted to know if the stereotype was true. I’m no virgin but the sexual experiences I had were, well, blasé.

Marcus was very dark skinned. Part of my attraction was his bad boy image. His head was shaved with pierced ears. He was tall, with sharp features and muscular…and could talk a line. He made no pretense about what he wanted. I was in awe of this aggressive, rebellious, confident black man. When I stood next to him, his size was imposing and erotically intimidating. We headed up a special project together at work. When it was done, he would be returning to the East Coast.

He came on strong and I instinctively put him down. But, Marcus just kept coming at me with his sexuality. It was something I always wanted to try. And to be honest, I was a bit overwhelmed by this stud. He made me wet. I also have a rule about not sleeping around at work.

I guess he knew when he had worn me down. We had worked late one night. Everyone else at the office had left. As we finished, I said good night. Marcus just stared at me with his arms crossed.

“Is something wrong?”

He glared…and finally told me to come close. I moved close but said that it was late.

Lust took me from there. I unzipped his pants, knelt down, and put my lips to the largest cock I’d ever known. I couldn’t stop sucking and begged him to fuck me. My flesh burned a heat I’d never known.

I’ve been with men from other races, but nothing captivated me more than this black stallion giving me what I wanted. I’m engaged to a nice Jewish man but I plan to continue to forage for the delicious taboo of fucking black guys!”

My next interview was something beyond my wildest imagination.

Carolyn looks like your typical school teacher. In fact during the day, both she and her husband teach. I had heard about swingers but never really took what I heard seriously. Phil and Carolyn have participated in an alternative or swinging life style for several years. According to Carolyn they are still both attractive and vital in their early forties. I must admit, Carolyn was a very attractive red head. Short in stature, her breasts seemed almost oversized for this petite swan.

“Phil brought us into the lifestyle. He had an affair with a younger woman who was very active. I forgave him for the affair and allowed it to play out (which it did). I used the time to enjoy a few liberating moments of my own. Believe me girls, it’s so easy for us! We agreed we both needed more, and seemed to settle into a quid pro quo approach to swinging. One time it would be his fantasy, the next time, it would be mine. Later in our relationship it became clear that he was acting on insecurities. Trying to give me what he thought I wanted before I wanted it. He was aware of how inexperienced, and prudish, I was. True love.”

She continued.

“It was my husband’s fantasy to watch me fuck and suck a black man. I protested at first but knew if I didn’t do it, the stability of our eighteen year marriage might be jeopardized. He got hard every time we discussed it, every time we whispered it in passionate moments. The only concession I won in our argument was that I got to pick the man.

I had never thought about interracial sex. Girl, I approached this like a scientist. Random selection, experimentation, trial and error. I was intimidated by the thought. I guess I was always a little afraid of black men, a little afraid that their sex was more than I could handle or that I would somehow feel stigmatized.”

Carolyn then explained that because this was a major request on her husband’s part, she decided that she would approach it carefully. It was going to take time. He agreed to give her the latitude she needed to prepare herself to give him, his fantasy.

“For the first time in my life, I started studying black men to see what if anything turned me on. Just the taboo nature of the whole thing made me wet. I never approached anything sexual like this before. It felt right. I gave myself permission and it was the most liberating moment of my life except for getting out from under my parents control. I had to get married to do that. Now, my marriage needed it.”

Carolyn told me that she’d spare me the details but spent six weeks “researching” black men. Use your imagination here, ladies. Her husband was as turned on as she by her “exploritory” period. Her research.

“My first couple of experiences were awkward. Then I met James. He had a Coney Island Hot Dog- a foot long. He really took his time with me and we developed a special sexual relationship. He was muscular and kinky. James became my lover. I couldn’t get enough. I could deny him nothing, and it was the hottest thing I’ve ever experienced.”

Carolyn knew that she had to deal with her husband. James was content just to make her his “white bitch”. She enjoyed it when he had her fuck all of his friends. But, Carolyn feared bringing him and her husband together at the same time. Back tracking, she explored the reasons all of this occured in the first place. Her husband’s fantasy. She told her husband that she was ready to honor his wish. Surprisingly, James agreed (he didn’t want a commitment and liked the idea of making him watch).

“My husband’s fantasy was to be tied in a chair and watching a black man fuck me. What he wasn’t ready for was me surrendering to, and fucking a black man. Things got off to a good start. We all met and had a drink. Then my husband stripped, and had me cuff his arms and legs to a chair. He could not move. Then, James took over.”

James had taught Carolyn to worship a black man’s cock. She directed her passion to this black stud. Her husband at first, became hard. However, when James started spanking his wife to force more submission and sex out of her, her husband got upset and said it was time to quit. James got pissed.

“James duct taped my husband’s mouth. Hubby watched in silence for hours as James fucked me, and gave me what I wanted, what turned me on. For the first time, I felt my husband really knew me. He wasn’t enjoying it.

James, incredibly mastered his cock. It was an artist’s brush, moved uniquely, and only at his command. He used it to paint sex like no man I’d ever known. Who wouldn’t worship that big black cock?

Well, anyway, back to my husband. It must have been hard to watch another man, a black man please me more than he ever could. He was gagged but cried softly. But then James had me to suck my husband’s cock. I, of course, obeyed. After a few moments, my husband calmed and started to get very aroused. I brought him to a pre orgasmic stage several times. He was hot, he was jello. While I sucked my husband’s cock, James started to rub his 12″ on my husbands face. Much to my surprise, my husband twitched initially but then acted like he wanted the duct tape removed so he could suck James.”

Carolyn told me that James made my husband swallow his cum that night. Ever since, she has free rein, sexually, and her husband waits.

“Sometimes, I call my husband from work, and tell him that I have a date tonight. He gets the kids ready for bed and waits for me to return. During his wait, he is totally compliant, and totally aroused.

One time James came to the house and had my husband suck him off. I watched. It was the most incredibly hot thing I’d ever seen in my life. My husband swallows! Now, it’s like we are both having an affair with James. My husband just gets the left overs!”

I ended the interview.

This assignment was making me feel uneasy. These women were doing things I could barely admit to even thinking about. I never had an assignment make me so wet. I suppose I was just hornier than usual because my husband was gone. He would flip if he knew the assignment I was working on, even though the pay is good and we need the money.

I only cheated on my husband once, and it was to help my career. I wanted to interview fairly well known celebrity. He agreed but for a price. I found myself in bed with him on several occasions and to be honest with you, I loved it. I never felt more free or powerful. I made a small fortune on the interview. My husband never knew and probably never will. The man was older and a fascinating, gentle lover.

Anyway I soon realized I was already a “Scandalous Woman” and that it would be more apparent to me and easier for me in time