Black Doves Bring Passion Back To Alt Rock

The origin of alt rock band the Black Doves reads more like an Oscar nominated movie or the proverbial “great American novel” than the genesis of a music project. While serving in the Army (82nd Airborne Division), Texas National Guard and the Airforce, founder and frontman Steve Wilson found time to write and perform his music at Barksdale AFB in Shreveport between deployments that included missions for “Operation Iraqi Freedom” and “Operation Enduring Freedom” in Afghanistan. Somehow he also found time to assemble a high energy band and the rest is continually unfolding history.

But you want to know about the music, right? Comparisons to contemporaries like Daughtry and Three Doors Down would be easy to make without first hearing this band’s music and knowing their background story. The songwriting is a cut above those, though, and the band adds a few extra touches to their delivery. For example, the guitar riffs in Chapter elevates the song beyond most post-grunge fare. I Wonder If She Knows is another example of the band taking what could have been just another power-chord rocker and making it a bit more ethereal with tempo changes and lite keyboard interludes.

“These recordings aren’t like those pop projects where a bunch of great writers get in a room and pen tunes about nothing they’ve actually been through. I have actually lived every word of what I write.” Wilson says, and the richness of his life’s experience is evident in several tracks. Ask Me To is a tender love letter to his wife disguised an uptempo rocker. Like I Do is a heartfelt prayer for God to watch over his son while he’s away ‘like he does.’

The name of the album is Moments of Clarity. A very apt title, considering the sea of alt rock music fans have to navigate to find a jewel like this. And I have a free track for you below.

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