The ‘Bitch Massage’ is the new badass way to deal with PMS

Snuggling up with a hot water bottle helps, sure. But it doesn’t feel particularly luxurious or badass.

The Bitch Massage, meanwhile, ticks both boxes. It’s a new massage-based treatment that’s meant to fix not just period cramps, but also all the stress and rubbish feelings connected to your PMS.

It was created by Lara Katsman of New York’s Haven Spa, and costs $140 (£95) for an hour. Which yes, is a bit much. But you’re on your period. You deserve to treat yourself.

We’re not entirely sure how we feel about the name – on the one hand, we don’t like the implication that we’re bitches on our periods, but on the other, we’re all for reclaiming the word for ‘badass bitch’ purposes – but we can definitely get behind all the benefits the treatment promises.

Read how it works.