Birthers Want To See Obama's Dick!

Jezebel Magazine uncovers a  hysterically sad commentary on the far right’s obsession with President Obama’s citizenship.  Posters at the Free Republic message board want Obama to show us his cock to prove he’s American!  According to these people if Barack Obama has not been circumcised, then he must not have been born in the United States. Why? Because all of their boys were circumcised!

This exchange has to be seen to be believed!

The only other thing that hit me was that [Larry] Sinclair said BO was not circumcised. When my son was born in a hospital that was done as a matter of routine without even consulting us. Would the same be for Hawaii? OTOH People born at home or in some other cultures are not circumcised.

A relative of mine was born (in a hospital) a couple of years after BO’s alleged birth date. He was circumcised also (as a matter of routine, not according to any family request).

My son was born in June of 1961 in a hospital in CA, and the nurses released us because of miscommunication in a day and a half before the circumcision was done. We had to go back to the doctor’s office to have it done a week later, and the doctor was NOT HAPPY. My second son was born in the same hospital 4 years later. I don’t remember them asking me about it. Routine procedure for little boys.

Wish we had someone to make a phone call to the hospitols in HI and ask if they routinely do circumcism [sic] and when that practice started.

You might want to make that call to a Canadian hospital …

No…it would have been in Kenya….not Canada.

Natural Born 54
I am having a vision of a court room scene. The judge turns to O sitting in the witness chair to his left and says “I am sorry, Mr. President, but I am going to have to ask you to stand and drop trou …..”

Jezebel Magazine further points out that the birthers discussing Obama’s penis reveals a deeper obsession with black male sexuality. In Nancy Tuana’s book, Revealing Male Bodies, she talks about the historic origins of white male obsession with black male genitalia.

The Black male penis became so important in the racist hysteria at the end of the [19th] century because penises are instruments of power. … [W.E.B.] Du Bois was right about the intimate connection between White male control over women and racism. As Black men and women were threatening the established social, political, and economic arrangements and thus deprive the traditional White leadership of their power, that threat was translated into genital terms because men—then and now—see the penis first of all as an instrument of power. It gives them power over women, and in their comparisons of sexual performance and penile size, it gives them power over other men. That Black men were—for a while—more than they were during slavery is beyond question.

Of course, we at Scandalous! would also love to see the President’s rod (wink wink), but not for the same reasons as birthers do!  We’d also like to point out the conservative hysteria of another president’s penis – Bill Clinton’s!

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  1. Fascinating and insane! Everywhere I turn it seems that people are reacting to Obama with completely irrational and unmitigated fear. Although in my smut peddler opinion it would be great to see all the presidential pee pees lined up in a row. That would be a brilliant art installation at the Smithsonian.