I wouldn’t call myself an introvert but I have always been a little shy when it comes to parties. Like last night, when I went solo to my guy  friend Dave’s birthday bash. Usually, I would know at least a handful of people at an event like this. But Dave had invited his whole office staff, none of whom I’d met before. I was acquainted only with the birthday boy and Jack, one of our friends from college. In minutes, I found myself hiding in the corner of the room, willing the time to pass so that I could make my escape.

That’s when Jack found me. He looked so handsome in his Levi’s and t shirt, as good looking as he was nine years ago at school. “You look scared, Laurel,” he said.

“Just a little shy,” I  responded.


“The crowd. The strangers. One on one, I’m completely confident.”

“What about two on one?”

I thought I might have misheard him over the music, so I waited for him to repeat himself.

“Dave asked me if you might consider a special sort of thirtieth birthday gift.”

Wow, I had heard him correctly. I’d nursed a crush on Jack since I’d first met him, and Dave and I had occasionally been each other’s fuck buddies through college and since. “Are you serious?” I asked.

He nodded. The look in his eyes was wolf like and hungry. I found my pussy was starting to get wet.

“How could we get away?” I asked, looking around at the roomful of guests.

“Nobody will mind,” Jack told me. “They’re all here for the free booze and food, anyway.”

I gazed across the room to where Dave was surrounded by admirers, but when he saw me looking, he made his way quickly through the crowd. I think he could tell by the expression on my face that I had decided to grant his birthday wish.

At my side, he gave me a quick kiss and said, “I’m so glad you came.”

I went up on tiptoes in my high heels. “I haven’t yet,” I whispered in his ear, “but I hope to soon.”

I pressed against him and felt that his dick was hard.

“Bedroom?” Jack suggested, his voice hoarse.

Dave led me by the hand down the hallway. Jack followed. I could feel my heart racing and my breathing starting to come fast. This was not something the three of us had ever done before. As we entered Dave’s bedroom, I could hardly contain my nerves. Had I felt shy out in the other room? Now I was practically paralyzed. Except, I wasn’t. Jack locked the door, and then he embraced me from behind in his big, strong arms. Dave came forward, and soon I was sandwiched between my two longtime buddies. Dave’s mouth found mine, and we kissed for several seconds, while Jack began to kiss the nape of my neck.

“You’re so sexy,” Jack told me.

“Thank you,” Dave said, and that cracked me up. From that moment, things went easy for us. This wasn’t one of those morose fucks, where nobody smiles. The boys and I stripped quickly and hit the mattress together. I was suddenly giddy at the sensation. How freeing it was to be away from the noise of the party alone together on Dave’s California king.

I’d fucked Dave before, as I’d mentioned, and I was always happy with the way he did me. He is blessed with a long, thick cock, and he has the stamina to take care of a girl before he gets his own. Jack was the unknown quantity here, and maybe that’s why I wanted to fuck him first. I got up on my knees between the boys, and I started to suck Dave. I loved the way the head of his cock fit in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the cockhead while wriggling my ass in the air. I hoped Jack would understand what I wanted.

In seconds, Jack was behind me with his hands on my hips. I didn’t get a good look at his cock before he was in me, but I could feel from the first thrust that he was equipped with a more than decent sized dick. He thrust, and I sucked, and Dave groaned. This was pure decadence. I was the connection between two old friends, and I felt their warmth and attention flood through me. Jack started to stroke my clit while he fucked me, and I moaned around Dave’s shaft. The vibrations must have felt sexy to him, because Dave started to tremble.

I knew he wouldn’t come yet, though. Dave’s always been competitive. He wouldn’t want to be the first one to lose his cool. Jack pinched my clit between his thumb and forefinger, and I shivered all over. I sucked even harder on Dave’s cock as a response, and when I tasted his pre come, he pushed me away.

“I need to be in you,” he whispered. Jack pulled out, and I flipped around, still on my hands and knees. Dave slid easily into my wet cunt. I’d planned on echoing what I’d just done to Dave and suck on Jack’s cock, but Jack had other ideas. With me up on my hands and knees, and Dave in me to the hilt, Jack slid under my body. He positioned himself so he could lick my clit while Dave fucked me.

Thank God for the loud music in the other room. I could not control my moaning. With Dave’s dick inside me and Jack’s mouth on my pussy, I simply let loose. That is, until I got my next instruction from the birthday boy.

“Suck him,” Dave hissed.

Jack’s cock was in reach, and I did what Dave said. I sucked that beautiful cock, which was still glistening with my own juices. Dave started to groan, and I got the feeling that between licks of my pussy, Jack was kissing Dave’s balls. I knew I was right, when Dave said, “Oh, God Jack, don’t stop.”

That took me right to the edge of my own climax, and I began to come. As I shivered, I sucked even harder on Jack’s thick cock, until he was shooting his load into my mouth. I slurped up every last bit of his seed, ravenous for the taste. Dave was the last to go, like I’d thought he’d be, slamming his hips against mine as the pleasure finally took over. He creamed inside me with such intensity, that he tripped a second orgasm, and I found myself coming all over again.

After that, we sprawled in Dave’s big bed, the three of us sticky, demolished, and happy. “Thanks for my present,” Dave grinned. He kissed me, and I knew he could taste Jack’s cock on my lips.

“What are we going to do for your birthday?” Jack asked, casually toying with my breasts.

“Something similar I hope,” I said. At the same time, I thought to myself, Who knows? Maybe I’ll even start to like parties.

~Laurel H.
Galveston, TX