Bending Your Boyfriends Over!

As adult videos become more and more mainstream, it should come as no surprise women are expanding their sexual repertoire by experimenting with some of the things performers in these movies do. If your bag of carnal tricks doesn’t include “pegging” yet, rest assured this bedroom role reversing power play will soon be appearing in one of your upcoming booty calls!

Putting it bluntly, pegging refers to women engaging in anal sex with her men using a strap-on sex toy. Whew! Now that we’ve gotten that visual out the way, it’s time to discuss the awesome potential for sexually intense role play it offers for both you and him.

Taking His Virginity

The term “pegging” was originally coined by sex columnist Dan Savage (a male version of Carrie Bradshaw.) An alternate term is BOB, an acronym for Bend Over Boyfriend. While it certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of latte, many women who do it express a unique feeling of power and liberation. “It’s the difference between fucking and getting fucked,” offers Andrea Nelson, a twenty-something bank manager in Miami.

“The idea certainly didn’t appeal to me the first time the subject came up,” Andrea explains. “I thought it was gay, like he really wanted to be with a man and not me!” But (butt?) after talking it over with several of her friends, she gained a new perspective. “It was like he wanted to give himself to me, for me to pop his cherry – so to speak. And it does make me feel more empowered. I’m fucking him, he’s not fucking me!”

Ride ’em Cowgirl!

Fatale Media offers an informational and enjoyable series of DVDs on the subject of pegging created especially for women. Bend Over Boyfriend Part 1 stars sex educators Carol Queen and Robert Morgan and takes viewers on a by step journey into pegging, providing useful tips and advice on building your confidence to approach your men about anal sex, how to find the right strapon (size matters!) and how to fuck him so it doesn’t hurt…much. Role-playing and fantasy are also explored to a degree and it asks the all important question, ‘what do women get out of this?’ The answer – when a dildo is strapped on it’s usually positioned right over your clit and you have rhythmic sensations right where it counts. There’s also a very emotional and empowering aspect to penetrating your partner. Just ask your men how the feel when they fuck you! Although vol. 1 seems more like a how-to guide than something meant to excite women about screwing their men’s asses, this doesn’t mean the DVD isn’t hot and nasty. It has plenty of action with attractive and loving couples.  It just serves as a necessary introduction to the far more explicit and delicious second DVD in the series.

Bend Over Boyfriend Part 2 once again features Dr. Carol Queen but also includes porn star Chloe. Using a news reporter interviewing customers at an adult toy store as a set-up, it has more of a traditional adult movie feel than part 1 has and features several viginettes of four couples and one very hot threesome scene where the guys definitely get theirs “in the end.”  Full of wicked anal sex from a female perspective, Bend Over Boyfriend part 2 is a must-have for any girl who is looking to expand her sensual horizons.

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Originally from Montreal where she covered local night life for an alternative magazine, Lauren is now now based in South Florida where she works in marketing and spends her weekends sampling the area’s night life.


  1. My wife surprised me with a strap on after I confessed to her that I wanted her to take both my cherries. The role reversal was a complete rush for my wife. Yes, I am submissive and it did change the balance of power in our relationship as my wife is now clearly in control of our bedroom activities and I could not be happier. She taught me everything when I met her as I was saving myself for marrige. Turns out we were married and it did not matter to me that she had been with other men. I always wanted to be submissive to her, but it just happened within the last six months. She had me get in all kinds of positions and bent me over almost everywhere in our house. She finally had me do a reverse cowgirl as she pumped me to the most intense orgasm. After that she toyed with my spent penis and then with force, pushed my head between her legs and completely fucked my face for 15 minutes during which she came multiple times. The real power imbalance came when she had me stand side by side with her and compared my penis size to her strap on and teased me about her having a bigger cock and my penis being smaller. She continued to mention how tight I was while she was fucking me. She went slow at first to let me get used to the size and using lots of lube, she pegged me for real. I felt some discomfort at first, but with lots of lube the sensation turned to pleasure. I had a chance to see and feel what it is like to be my wife. She did tell her girlfriends as most of them are single where she works. When I asked my wife to peg me, she asked her friends at work. My wife said each of the five girls in her department had pegged at least one, if not all of their boyfriends. They said that younger guys are more open to being pegged and none had complained and all that had once been pegged asked for it again. The girls at work told her once she pegged me, I would want it again. They also showed her what pegging was on the web and where to get a strap on. She now grins when she gets her Cosmo in the mail and it features new positions. She points out the ones she thinks would be fun with her pegging me. Again, my wife loves the role reversal and really liked fucking me. She told me it was completely different than traditional intercourse.