Avishay Mizrav rocks you with 'Forgotten Melodies.'

There’s a metal head hiding deep inside of me. Even though I’m a big fan of rhythmic music like hip hop and house and my habitat is the dance floor, there’s something darkly sexy about a screaming guitar solo that turns this girl into an air ax fool, dancing and posing in front of my mirror like Joan Jett. Back in high school when I attended an occasional rock concert, it wasn’t the pouty lead singers that got me moist, it was the thrashing lead guitar players. So the grungy edgy side of me was very excited to review Avishay Mizrav’s Forgotten Melodies, an instrumental collection of rock/metal/progressive styles that not only echo such greats as Marty Friedman, Vinnie Moore and the legendary Joe Satriani but also brings to mind certain power ballads from 80s hair metal bands.

Stand-out tracks include Moods, a soft yet complex tune with an 80s feel. Sharing that retro vibe is the more uptempo Radical Emotions. Knight Templar is a pure head bangin’ anthem – you’ll want to roll down your car windows and share this one with the whole neighborhood. And on The Life and Death of Elfi Theda, do I detect a little southern rock boogie? My favorite track on the collection, however, is Stormy Night, a harmonic-styled surreal ditty with soft stormy sound effects.

Mizrav first picked up a six string when he was only eight years old. Since then he’s developed into one of the more talented young players in the industry. Swing by his website to hear samples and find out where to buy his entire album. But to whet your appetite, we’re giving you a track below – Casualties of War.

Listen here:

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