Author Michelle Langley: women are just as likely to cheat as their male counterparts, if not more so

Hmmm… I knew this already!

New research suggests that women are just as likely to cheat as their male counterparts, if not more so. In her 2006 book “Women’s Infidelity: Living in Limbo,” Michelle Langley offers ten years of research for her premise that women do cheat as much as men.

Langley cites, among other reasons, women’s fluctuating hormones and later sexual peak, often in the mid 30s, as reasons for cuckolding their men.


So say you have your sites set on this really hot guy. You have his address but want to see not only how to get there, but what “there” looks like. Here is your solution! Live Search lets you input an address, then it pulls up an actual bird’s eye picture of the house! I know, it is kinda stalkerish…


A patch that makes you horny? Could my husband and lovers stand it if my libido increased? Intrinsa, a patch placed on the stomach or bottom, is the first of around 20 female sex drugs to reach the market and goes on sale this week.

Trials have shown that women who use the patch both think about sex and want it more often. It works by releasing the male hormone testosterone into the bloodstream.

Like Viagra, the sex drug for men, Intrinsa is designed for use by patients with sexual problems and will be prescription-only. But almost a million men are believed to have tried Viagra and experts predict that Intrinsa will also become a ‘lifestyle’ drug.

I’ll try to score some, give them to my girls, and we’ll go prowling. Fun!

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