August is Fierce At Scandalous!

Down in Texas where I’m from we say it ain’t hot until it’s August and hot summer days and nights ooze sex. With people dressed in next to nothing, dripping in sweat and getting drenched in water, there’s going to be some lust in the air along with swimming pool chlorine and the scent of suntan lotion. Inhibitions melt away as we get practically naked in front of total strangers.  Why do you feel comfortable rocking that bikini in front of everyone? Because it’s summer!

Blame it on the heat, but we’re all about losing inhibitions at Scandalous! and we an exciting month of features, stories and hot hard guys waiting for you in our August issue.

Once upon a time Scandalous! had a ‘Hot or Not’ page to rate pics of guys. Our readers would send in pictures of their boyfriends and hubbys to sw-comicshow them off. Well, we still have a cache of those pics and we have them for you this month in our Eye Candy section. And this motherfuckers are HOT! Who knows? Maybe we’ll do this every month… if you want it…

Caitlin Stripes joins the Scandalous! writing team with her first feature for us. Did you know there is a growing trend of women watching gay porn? Yup! And there are many reasons for it other than the sheer erotic beauty of seeing toned hard guys getting it on! Caitlin breaks it down for us in Gay Guys for Female Eyes.

Recording artist Tiffany Grace “graced” us with a very inspiring, revealing and sexy interview. This pop diva is poised for the big time and we’ve got the 411 on her music, wedding plans, sex life and her new album coming out soon.

We’d also like to introduce you to Soosan Firooz, Afghanistan’s first female rapper.  She’s defying that country’s intense conservative culture and has become a voice for female empowerment and political activism in a country torn by decades of war and religious extremism.

On that note, don’t miss our little lesson in raunchy debauchery How To FUCK Like a Rock Star.

On the flip side, a new study suggests men are more than happy to go down on their woman because of an evolutionary trait called ‘mate retention.’ The study reveals a satisfied woman is less likely to stray! Hmmm…  Female orgasms = we’ll stick around! I think this is something we can definitely take advantage of!

So, how beneficial is the college hook up culture for young women? Check out our piece on the topic and discover why women have to exert themselves in casual relationships so they’re not taken advantage of.

And don’t forget to check for weekly updates in our Humor section.

Stephanie Vega

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With political activists as parents, Stephanie learned gender politics at an early age and embraced stiletto feminism in high school. As a marketing professional, she’s written for a variety of publications. She founded to be a voice for the sex-positive alpha female.