Aretha Henry's R&B Magic

With music that straddles the line between Hip Hop and Slow Jams, Aretha Henry displays the same coy sexiness and commercial appeal that have propelled a generation of young female R&B singers to stardom. Tapping the wells of talent preceeding her – from Janet Jackson to Ciara – she has a sweet yet strong voice that projects a certain feminine confidence and genuineness in the subjects she sings about.

For example, on Captive, when she sings about a love so strong it becomes all-consuming, in affect holding her captive, you believe there is just such a person in her life. Magic is another example. This Janet Jackson-style groove with an infectious melody laments the darker flip side of the magic one feels when a relationship clicks. Is Henry singing from personal heartbreak experience or doing a convincing job of interpreting the emotion of the lyrics? “Magic” makes another appearance in the haunting track In One Piece where she purrs “No nightmares, no monsters under the bed, and these hands are open and free, still here in one piece.”

You might say Henry draws creative inspiration from a spiritual realm. She’s always been fascinated with magic and miracles and her favorite tv shows and movies involve some kind of paranormal happenings.

“I love animation, fairy tales, and I have a lot of faith.” Henry explains. “I sing what’s on my heart. Sometimes, the melody just jumps out at me without much thought at all. Writing a song can take up to two days or two months. I try not to force it.”

Her sophomore album Enchanted will be released in December. Her music is available now from iTunes and Amazon. And, as usual, Scandalous! has your free track below.

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