Anodine's Dark Brooding Reveals Poetic Lyrics

Anodine. Oh my. Alt Rock is fused with trip hop to form what the artist calls trip rock. Hypnotic and gloomy, the tracks on this album are marked by an emotional intensity, with political and anti-societal overtones. Similar to Korn, Massive Attack and Queens of the Stoneage, Anodine’s Passages is an excellently produced body of work. Even if this kind of music isn’t your thing (and, admittedly, it is an acquired taste), what is always so fascinating about it is the poetic styling of the lyrics. Sitting at a table with your friends and several bottles of wine, you can spend the entire evening discussing and interpreting them.

Call me too introspective if you’d like, but I’m reading more into the track Dark Side Of Venus than the writer may have intended. On first listen, this dark rocker seems to be about a crash landing on, well, the dark side of the planet Venus. It occurs to me, however, ‘Venus’ is also the Roman Goddess of love and this track could be veiled reference to a love gone wrong, perhaps horribly wrong. The lyrics certainly portend as such. Even if the writer never intended this, the obvious analogy shouldn’t be ignored.

I detect a hint of politics in Into The White Light or maybe the song is just a social commentary on human nature itself. We believe in right and wrong, in ethics and property but only if the system benefits us. Otherwise, we view it all as unjust. Silver linings, so to speak, can be threadbare. Or, as the song explains it, there’s so much fucking darkness into the white light.

No Summer speaks of two hearts isolated from one another, maybe intentionally, and neither will ever know what ‘summer,’ or a normal relationship, feels like. Storm, if I can put my girl-relationship hat on again, speaks to the dangers of self-fulfilling prophecies – how many problems that arise between people are of our own making. This track is one of the more melodic pieces on the album and is a standout. Alternately, She Calls is an ode to doomed relationship. Someone laments not being able to live without the person who causes them the most pain.

Expand your horizons a little and take a listen to each of the tracks here.