Anne Marie Bush is Ready For 2Nite!

Mmmmm. This shit is delicious. Anne Marie Bush’s 2Nite, the first single from her double EP dropping this Thursday, is a succulent Quiet Storm-worthy bump and grind song that takes me back to my college days in South Florida. During that time, me and my girlfriends were often the only white chicks in a particular R&B club. Were we popular? Hell yes! Did we learn to grind our bodies to some slow sexy jams? Uh huh. But more importantly, I learned to appreciate and love this style of music.

With a sultry voice and the looks to go with it, this Danish-born diva has perfected the playful come hither vocal stylings and street rhythms that have become the mainstay of urban radio in America and the soundtrack of many hot and sweaty nights between the sheets – and it’s no wonder! Her resume includes sessions with Britney Spears and the late Robert Palmer, who’s own blue-eyed soul music garnered acclaim in the late 70s and early 80s.

“I am ready to take my solo career to the next level with the launch of my new EP UnZipped RnB,” Bush explains. ““On the current EP I mix soulful pop ballads with groovy RnB, basically returning to my Soul-Jazz musical roots.”

Visit her online here. Listen to 2Nite below:

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