Angels Jeans: Scandalous! Approved

Angels Jeans

One of Angel Jeans’ slogans is jeans the hug the true you. But which true you? The lazy Saturday or Sunday afternoon you or the sexy, slinky Friday and Saturday night you? Most of us have two natures and I couldn’t be more satisfied with my new Angels soft stretch skinny jeans! They hug both of my natures!

These great, fashionable jeans achieve the effect coveted by women all over the world—skin-tight, form-fitting, super sexy, and yet comfortable. After eight hours of wearing a regular pair of jeans, I’m normally dying to get home and throw on a pair of sweat pants. After eight hours of wearing my Angels jeans, I’m ready to go another eight hours. They are truly as comfortable as my yoga pants, a compliment I don’t offer lightly.

Another great thing about these jeans is the cut. With most skinny jeans, I find that they’re just a little too skinny at the bottom. My Angels jeans are cut so that I can wear them both over or under my shoes without any difficulty.

And last but not least, I can’t deny that my butt looks great in them.

Comfortable, sexy, perfectly cut—all for half the price of a regular pair of jeans. Order your Angels today. I promise you, you won’t regret it!

Fiona wearing Angels Jeans