Adventures in Genital Piercing!

An undergrad in the Big Apple, she looks like the majority of students on campus. But beneath he tan Gap capris and Victoria’s Secret panties, she hides a secret only her boyfriend, roommate and occasional lovers know about. Last summer she decide to treat herself to an early birthday present – a vaginal piercing.

When I was eight years old, I wanted to get my ears pierced. I was barely out of undershirts and years away from a training bra, but somehow it seemed like a step down the path to womanhood. Despite my mother’s constant “you’re not old enough” harangues, on my ninth birthday I awoke to a pair of tiny studded sapphires on my nightstand.

Aside from a belly button piercing in high school, the piercing but didn’t strike again until college. Forgoing parental consent, I went right for the vagina. This would be a piercing not just for fashion (although I did think my pussy would look awesome with some ornamentation) but to put another nail into the coffin of my childhood. I wanted to shout from the rooftops, “I am a woman and I want to pierce my pussy because it’s beautiful and I enjoy sex!”

Having come to this momentous decision, I stayed awake half the night worrying about all the horrors that could accompany a below-the-waist piercing. I had a urinary tract infection once and it felt like I had a hot curling iron up my urethra when I pissed. What if a piercing caused me to piss fire? More importantly what it caused painful sex? In the wee hours of the morning I promised myself I would do some research and find out exactly what I was getting into or, more precisely, what was getting into me!

On the internet, I found page after page of up close and personal beaver shots with all sorts of piercings. Not to mention interesting historical tidbits, such as the Trukese women of Polynesia who attracted suitors by piercing their neither lips and hanging little bells from them. I feeling more excited at the prospect now!

Next I had to decide which kind of genital piercing I preferred. Apparently the Vertical Clitoral Hood is the most popular. Since the genitals are vertical, the jewelry sits comfortably between the legs and can be done with a barbell or a ring. The piercing goes through the hood, not the clit, but the jewelry touches the clit when the area is stimulated. Plus, there is only a four to six week healing time. Hello Fall semester sex!!

Then there is the Horizontal Clitoral Hood, but this more for aesthetic purposes. It’s only stimulating if your clit is an outie and the bead happens to fall right on your bud. However, if you’re not symmetrical, the ring could lean and twist.

Those lucky enough to possess a mound, not a crevice, clitty can enjoy a Triangle piercing, placing the jewelry behind the nerve bundle for greater sensation but at the added price of  a two to three month healing time. I wasn’t even sure if I was a hill or valley girl, so later on in my dorm room I picked up a hand mirror for closer inspection. Turns out I’m not built for a Triangle, but my under the hood inspection wasn’t for naught. I masturbated fantasizing about that cold hard metal piercing my clit hood and I came a miraculous three times. I hadn’t even been pierced yet already my sex life had improved.

The Princess Diana was invented specifically for someone who couldn’t get the Triangle due to anatomy. So instead, two rings are placed on either side of the clit under the hood. After the four to six week healing time, you can place one barbell through both holes so that a bead rests on the clitoris. Necessity really is the mother of invention!

There is an actual clitoral piercing , but this is very rare and requires a huge flowering clit. If I had one of those, I probably wouldn’t need a metal ring to enhance my orgasms! Surprisingly, the healing time is only four to six weeks for the clitoral piercing.

For the ass bandit in your life, The Fourchette is a vertical perineum piercing in the skin at the back of the vagina toward the anus. The Christina, a vertical piercing from the juncture of the outer labia to above the pubic area, is not very popular because it has a high rejection-rate and long healing time.

The varied healing times stilled seemed puzzling to me. It takes only four to six weeks for an inner labia piercing to heal, but it takes two to three months for an outer labia to do the same. They can be done in pairs or multiples and placed at almost any location. However, the other piercings don’t really result in a great deal of erotic stimulation. No, fuck that! If placed near the vaginal opening, they can be pleasing to the male partner, as can the inner piercings if placed across the opening. My feeling is, let the guy get a royal Prince Albert if he wants extra sensation.

Maintenance for all the above healing periods includes showering twice a day so you can clean the area with anti-bacterial soap and rinse it while rotating the jewelry in the hole. You can’t touch the new piercing with dirty hands or even dirty clothes or bedding. Well, at least I’ll have a reason to do laundry more frequently. No ointments, creams or astringents can be used. And last but not least, the rule I was fretting about: no body fluids (semen or saliva.) But the good news is, that doesn’t mean no sex. Time to stock up on the condoms and dental dams. Although a woman I spoke I spoke to who works at a piercing shop told me technically you’re not supposed to have sex during the healing time, no one would conceivably wait two to three months but you should at least wait a few days until it’s no longer irritated. And while the ring won’t come out, it should be gentle sex, or you risk tearing the hole and inviting infection.

tumblr_m0wb9yZMyD1qdbo8xo1_500After doing a lot of research and thinking, I finally chose a place, and brought my boyfriend along for oral (I mean, moral) support. I walked into a tiny room with a dentist’s chair, a slew of metal instruments and a large man who had more tattoos and piercings than exposed flesh. I told him I wanted a Vertical Clitoral Hood and handed him a bead ring I had picked out. “Ok, let’s make sure it’s right for you.” Then there was a moment of silence as I realized my boyfriend and this man were waiting for me to drop trou. I slipped my undies off, then handed them to my guy and plopped on the chair. I couldn’t believe I was letting another look at my coochie while my boyfriend was in the same room. I was so excited I felt my pussy drip – damn thing, at a time like this, with a  mind of it’s own.

With a gentleness that belied his hulking size, Tattoo Guy explained what was going to happen. “I’m going to place a Q-tip beneath your hood to see if there is enough room.” I spied a proud look in my lover’s eyes when I was deemed VCH worthy. “Then I’m going to slip this needle through.” He noticed my eyes widen and told me it wasn’t going to hurt but it might be a bit uncomfortable for a moment. Uncomfortable? I’m sitting in a fuckin’ dentist’s chair with Tattoo Guy about to put his latex-gloved hands on my dribbling pussy lips – now that’s uncomfortable.

Tattoo Guy made a mark with an indelible pen, placed the forceps on my lips and said, “Here goes.”

I squeezed my boyfriend’s hand waiting for the pain but there was barely any. I could feel it going through my skin, but it didn’t even sting. It was just like getting a shot, albeit through my pussy. Although when I looked down and saw the needle I was almost tempted to scream anyway. “Now I’m going to slip the ring through the needle hole.” In one magical moment , he pushed the ring in while pulling the needle out. “All done.”

I looked at my currently not-so-private parts and decided it was fucking beautiful. A stainless steel ring adorned my pussy. Why hadn’t I done this before? It was like seeing an evergreen for the first time with Christmas ornaments and wondering how anyone could stand to leave it bare the rest of the year.

And to answer the biggest question of all: Yes, sex is better. Two months in I have finally joined the Women Who Cum During Intercourse Club!


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With political activists as parents, Stephanie learned gender politics at an early age and embraced stiletto feminism in high school. As a marketing professional, she’s written for a variety of publications. She founded to be a voice for the sex-positive alpha female.