Adrenaline Is a Bobsled Ride at 300 Beats Per Minute

Pure techno/rave is something that has been missing from the American music mainstream for a few years now. Sure, you can still get the best cardio workout of your life at raves and techno clubs, but only traces of it can still be found on the airwaves here, often by way of pop/hip hop/techno hybrids. So when I got the opportunity to review Adrenaline, the new track by Swiss producer Jerome Keller and Italian songstress Elisa Venturin, I literally jumped at the chance – as other in my office will testify. This retro-sounding piece of electronica is a throwback to what rave used to be – high energy and melodic. It’s also the featured soundtrack of the Swiss bobsled and skeleton World Championships.

The story behind the song is unique. Producer Jerome Keller created a melodic techno track and lyrics but lacked a strong singer to interpret it. Elisa, AKA Ellis, was selected during the international contest “Back to Nature Game” to provide the vocals, and she delivered a strong vocal performance. It’s difficult to imagine anyone else singing it if that was ever a possibility.

Because of the exposure the song has gotten from being the official soundtrack of the bobsled and skeleton World Championships, it’s now been picked up for future coverage of the bobsled and skeleton World Cup – quite a feather in the cap for Keller and Venturin. Take a listen to it below and see if you don’t get whisked away to a sweaty dance floor or an 80 mile and hour bobsled ride!