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Do you have a passion for writing? Do you have a specialized area you enjoy writing about like sex, love, fashion, astrology, or anything else women might be interested in? Then wants you!

OR… If you currently have a female-centric blog, your writing can reach a new and wider audience! We can pull your existing blog’s posts into and link back to the original source (your blog) OR you can write directly on is the premier online alternative sexual lifestyles magazine for women. Think of us as Cosmopolitan and Playgirl on a serious Red Bull buzz! We were once described as “for the Cosmo Girl’s trashier sister” and we wear that label proudly.

We’re happy to consider original articles, reviews, and stories that pertain to the subject matter we typically publish. These pieces can be totally new or previously published but you must have the rights to them.

When submitting your work, please keep in mind we are an online magazine of sexuality for women. Themes we cover in our featured articles and in the popular ‘Her Story’ section often involve women who have a sexual free spirit, engage in sexual relations with multiple partners, women who cuckold their partner or have extramarital relationships, and women who are involved in alternative sexual lifestyles. We present these themes in a sex-positive and glamorous light.

Our product reviews cover anything young women aged 18 – 42 find interesting – from music, movies, and books to sex toys.

1. All submissions must be written from a female perspective with topics that are of interest to women.
2. Submissions to “Her Story” must be written in the ‘first person.’
3. Movie/music/book/product reviews can be written in your preferred style.
4. Featured articles must NOT be written in the first person narrative.

Dos and Don’ts

1. When referring to relationships, please make them plural if possible. Instead of ‘my man,” use ‘my men,’ Instead of ‘your lover,’ use ‘your lovers.’ Instead of ‘her boyfriend,’ use ‘her boyfriends.’
2. We do not accept anything the depicts anything illegal, child or animal cruelty, violence against women, or women being exploited by men (men being exploited by women is fine, though.)

Basically, just read our site for a better idea on what we look for.


Can I write anonymously?

Yes. In fact, many of our articles were written by authors using pen names. Some of those very authors have work published in mainstream magazines and newspapers. We’re certain you’ve read there work before. However, many of our writers do use their real names and bios. It’s your choice, depending on how much recognition you want for your work.

I love your magazine but I don’t exactly want people to know I’m writing for it. Will my involvement be discreet?

Writing erotica is fun but sometimes you want to keep that part of your writing career separate. We take extra care to protect your identity if you choose to write for us using a pseudonym.

Is there any financial compensation?

YES! Pitch us an idea for a featured article and show us you have the skill to write it. If we like it, we’ll pay you $25. once completed and approved (there may be different pay scales for other types of writing – ask us.). We’re a wonderful platform for you to explore and write about subject matter that you might not get to do anywhere else.

How do I get started?

Ask for more information here OR Just fill out the form below!

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