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Looking to reach a young trendsetting audience of women aged 18 – 42? Look no further than’s over 48,000 unique monthly site visitors! is a sex-positive online magazine that entertains and informs adventurous, independent, romantic and liberated women with articles on sex, celebrities, music, culture, fashion, fantasy, and beauty.  Oh, yeah… and pictures of hot guys!

It’s the web’s only stiletto feminist site embracing all aspects of alpha female entertainment. stands as a hybrid of popular women’s magazines like Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Playgirl.

Demographics targets and attracts the “Facebook/Twitter” generation of young women aged 18-34 – a valuable demographic – although it gets traffic regularly from females into their 40s.  The site’s audience is approximately 70% female aged 18-34.


Traffic gets approximately 1200 unique hits a day, mostly from social media sources like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.


Social Media and Internet Positioning

When was founded, the term “scandalouswomen” was virtually unknown on the internet.  Now Google lists over 140,000 references to the term.  More specifically, over 100,000 results are found for has a serious presence on social media outlets Facebook and Twitter.


The Audience YOU Need!

It’s obvious  is sexy and trendy magazine-style site for post-Cosmopolitan women, perfect for small to medium-sized ad campaigns covering a host of products – from clothing and cosmetics to jewelry, adult beverages, colleges, and anything else young women spend their money on

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Here are the ways that you and your company can benefit from’s influence – at the introductory price of only $8. a week or $20. monthly!

Banner Advertising

Scandalouswomen offers 3 Premium Banner spots, rotated on page loads, in the popular 160×600, 300×250 and  728×90 banner ad sizes.  Join a select group of premium advertisers who enjoy the benefits of reaching the young, influential female audience.

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Be an exclusive sponsor of one or more of our popular sections and blogs covering music and product reviews, relationships, fashion, men and sexuality!  We’ll place your “sponsored by” text at the top of each section/blog page!

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