A Tempting Trio

temptrioThe bar was half empty, which was unusual for a Friday night. Maybe it was the weather reports; they’d been threatening thunderstorms for two days now, and the sky was dark and heavy with clouds. Still, this was the longest I’d ever sat nursing a glass of wine without being approached by some random guy on the prowl. On the other hand, I’ve had my boyfriend with me for the last two years. We’d had a major fight a couple of days before so I wasn’t really sure what our status was. Anyway, I realized that I could have gone straight home after work, but the thought of a microwaved dinner in front of the TV wasn’t very enticing. So there I was, with a half-empty glass in front of me, looking for company, or at least someone to buy my next drink.

It usually isn’t too difficult because men are generally to me. And having large breasts doesn’t hurt. That night, I was wearing a tight V-neck sweater that accentuated my most arresting feature, but still, no fish would bite, so I finally broke down and ordered myself another glass of Riesling.

That’s when my luck changed. As I was pulling my wallet from my purse, a man sidled up to me and said, “I’ll get that.” I turned to thank him for the drink and was pleased with what I saw. Tall, dark and handsome in a navy business suit, he had wavy hair, a chiseled jaw and blue eyes that sparkled as he spoke. “I’m Jim,” he said. “And you are?”

I introduced myself and shook his hand, my nipples growing hard in response to his firm, masculine grip. Already I could imagine that hand on my breast, or my thigh, or my cunt. He took the seat next to mine and we chatted a bit, basic getting-to-know-one-another stuff. When our glasses were empty I figured he’d make his move, either suggesting we go back to his place or mine. I wasn’t expecting a third option.

“I have this friend,” he started, and my heart sank as I waited for him to tell me about the down-on-his-luck coworker he was trying to set up. I looked around, expecting to find a guy waving at me from a table across the room, but the bar was still pretty empty and no one made such a gesture. “No, he’s not here,” Jim said, seeing my bewilderment. “It’s just that we have this arrangement. When one of us meets someone we like, we share. And I like you. Are you interested?”

Two guys? A threesome? Though I’d never considered it before, it sounded pretty good to me. My mind was was asking about my boyfriend. My body was telling me to go for it! Jim paid my tab as I nodded my assent, and without another word I rose and followed him outside. He got into his car and I got into mine, and I couldn’t believe what I was doing as I tried not to lose sight of the silver sedan that was leading me to a new adventure.

Eventually, we pulled up to a condominium complex, where I parked in a space right beside Jim’s car and turned off the ignition. Taking my hand, he helped me out of my car, then led me to the door of one of the units and rang the bell. However, instead of waiting for someone to answer it, he turned the knob and walked right in. It was evident that he didn’t live there, and just wanted to let the owner, who was obviously expecting us, know that we had arrived.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw Robert. He was also tall and handsome, but a little slimmer, with blond hair and green eyes. The knowledge that these two hunks were about to ravage me sexually gave me a chill, and I was suddenly very glad that I’d accepted Jim’s invitation. Having seen my other partner, I was now ready to hop right into bed, but first, our host showed us to the living room where a bottle of wine was already open and breathing. There, over glasses of Rioja, the men took some time to get to know me and told me a bit about themselves, which put me totally at ease.

In fact, I was so relaxed that I was the one who suggested we take the next step. Neither man disagreed, so I followed Robert upstairs, with Jim bringing up the rear. Since I was still standing between them when we entered the bedroom, Robert turned around, touched my jaw and tilted my face to his. As we kissed, my tongue slip-sliding against his. Jim cupped my breasts from behind and rubbed his thumbs over my nipples, which throbbed at his touch. He abandoned my tits to unbutton my blouse, and I was soon standing there in nothing but my skirt and a lacy black bra.

Jim unzipped my skirt while Robert worked at the front clasp of my bra, and then I was naked, though both men remained clothed. They spent a moment admiring my nude form, and I knew they were pleased with what they saw from both the front view and the rear. Robert couldn’t tear his eyes from the perfectly trimmed triangle of hair covering my mound, while his friend reverently stroked my firm asscheeks. I felt like a goddess being worshiped, and although I enjoyed being the sole object of all this male attention, I wanted to see what the men looked like out of their clothes.

Beginning with the one standing in front of me, I pulled his sweater over his blond head. I could hear rustling from behind and figured that Jim was taking off his shirt, having shed his suit jacket in the living room. I admired Robert’s faintly muscled chest before glancing back to check out Jim. He was brawnier, and nude, with an impressive cock that stuck out straight from beneath a patch of dark, wiry curls. Similar curls ringed his erect nipples, so I turned around to flick the tiny nubs with my tongue while Robert removed the rest of his clothes.

I heard the sound of a belt buckle hitting the floor and then scraping along it as jeans were kicked off and swept aside, and then I felt a hard dick pressing up against my ass. Insistently, it worked its way between my rear cheeks before coming to rest. Robert nuzzled the nape of my neck, his shaft pulsing against my flesh as I took Jim’s cock in my hand. As I pumped it up and down, a moan escaped his lips, which were pressed firmly against mine. While we kissed wildly, Robert reached around me, ran a finger between my labia, then rubbed circles over my hard little button.

Soon, both men were groaning loudly, and I was making quite a few noises of my own. The pressure of Robert’s fingers grew more insistent, until my hips began to writhe. I needed to feel this man inside me; no, I needed to feel them both, so I slipped away from the hands massaging my pussy and got down on my knees. I was still holding Jim’s dick, and I opened my mouth wide to wrap my lips around his knob. As I swabbed the flesh with my tongue, Robert lowered himself behind me and then he moved my body into position to receive him doggy-style.

Jim sat down on the edge of the bed and I placed one hand flat on the floor, keeping the other wrapped around the base of his humongous erection. I bobbed my head back and forth so that my tongue slid along his length, and I drew my lips in tightly to create a firm lock around his shaft. His fingers tangled in my hair as I swallowed him again and again, and then my pussy mimicked my throat by opening up to take in the whole length of Robert’s dick. His balls brushed my asscheeks when he reached my core and remained pressed up against me as he rested there momentarily. He might have been taking a breather, but I sure as hell wasn’t! I continued sucking down Jim’s cock without missing a beat.

I kept up my ministrations as Robert began sawing in and out of my cunt, and I even managed to time my movements on Jim’s dick with his. We all moved together in sync; as I swallowed one cock down my throat, another one pressed forward and filled my pussy. Then, when I drew my head back along Jim’s length until only the tip remained lodged between my lips, Robert pulled his cock from between my legs, leaving me almost empty inside. Their actions were repeated again and again, until the men decided that it was time for a change.

Jim slowly withdrew his dick from my mouth, a long string of saliva briefly prolonging our connection before it broke. After letting go of him, I placed both hands on the floor to steady myself, because Robert was now fucking me even harder. He punctuated his rapid thrusts with sharp smacks on my ass, obviously putting on a show. I didn’t protest because the spanking actually turned me on even more. His hips rocked back and forth as he speared my moist cunt from behind, and though I expected Jim to do something too, he just continued to watch while slowly stroking his dick.

I lunged forward in an attempt to recommence the blowjob, but he moved out of the way, explaining that my mouth felt too good and he wasn’t ready to come yet. Though I missed sucking him off, I let him have his way and concentrated on his friend. Robert dug his fingers into my hips as he plunged his cock into my tight canal, and soon he was fucking me so hard that my breasts bobbled wildly on my chest. My juices, which had never stopped flowing, ran down my thighs, and I grew hotter by the second. Then finally something inside me exploded. I announced my orgasm with a wild cry and pressed my legs together, hoping that would make Robert cum, too.

Granting my wish, he grunted loudly and filled me with his cream. I could feel it coating my insides, and when he abruptly pulled out, his semen mingled with my fluids to drip down my inner thighs. Robert moved away quickly, which surprised me, but I understood why when Jim immediately took his place and thrust his dick into my sloppy cunt. When it was in my mouth, I hadn’t realized that his tool was thicker and blunter than Robert’s. My muscles had to stretch to receive this new meat. I was still in the throes of my orgasm, so my pussy shuddered around his shaft until it, too, pulsed and filled me with another steamy load of semen.

Jim remained buried in my cunt until his balls were completely spent, while Robert stood to the side and watched. Having all reached our climaxes, we washed up and got dressed, and then Jim and I said good-bye to our host. It had been quite an interesting night, and I truly meant it when I told them both I would be happy to come again.

I thought about my experience with Jim and Robert over the following days, even masturbated to the memories of it. My boyfriend and I reconciled and I never mentioned this to him, even though we were obviously ‘on break.’ But I’ve been secretly scheming to get him into a tempting trio with me real soon!