A Humiliation Primer

One of the major attractions for a lot of males in the cuckolded lifestyle is the humiliation suffered at the hands of their better half. Of course this doesn’t really work if the Wife is simply cheating and the husband is not aware of it. He continues on with his life, going to work and enjoying his lunch break blissfully unaware that his wife is on her back at the hands of his best friend.

For some humiliation is not a big part of the lifestyle, for other its the best part. Here is a primer for you if the humiliation factor plays a role in your lifestyle.

Have him help you prepare for the night out. Getting ready is an important part of the night out for all women and involving your boyfriend/husband in this can be great fun. Let him help you into your clothes, and be sure he notices if you’re not wearing panties. All the time telling him you want to be irresitable to your lover. Once you are dressed up for the night you are bound to look uncontrolably ravishing, model a bit for him, tease him, then kiss his cheek and go out the door for your date.

Tell him how big your lover’s dick is. Do this randomly. For example,if you suddenly see something large tell him how it reminds you of your lover’s dick, explain in detail exactly why and how it’s bigger and better than what he (your husband) has. Seeing that everything reminds you of your lover will really drive him insane and he’ll try to prove his worth but you. This is perfect to do when you’re out at resturants, seeing a movie, or even at his parents house. Soon all you’ll have to do is hold a large object and wink at him and he’ll know what you’re thinking!

If you are into having threesomes with your husband/boyfriend and your lover, play around then let your husband enter you first. After a brief bit, when he’s really enjoying it, push him off and say you’ve been tolerent enough, you want some real fun, then really throw yourself on the other guy and show your husband how much better a time you’re having with him than the routine sex he treats you too.

During a sex session with your lover, call him in, make him sit at the end of the bed and watch. If another man pleasuring his wife isn’t enough to humilate him, then you taking it upon yourself to educate him on his single most thought about subject since he turned 13 will be. Make him watch “how a real man has sex”, tell him what your lover does so well, why he just can’t compare.

Have you ever given your man a cream pie? For those who don’t know, this is the practice of having him go down on you after another man has cum inside you. The humilation aspect creeps in if you set up a situation with your husband where he must always wear a condom and is never allowed to cum inside you. This way when you return home to sit on his face, dripping from that wonderful lover, he will know you allow other men basic privlidges that you deny him.

Involving your friends “in the know” is another fun (for you) and humiliating (for him) technique to keep your husband sexually enthralled. For example, go partying at a club with his friends then ask one of them to pleasure you because your boyfriend’s pin dick just doesn’t have what it takes. Have a girl’s night and make him strip for your girlfriends This one is open to all interpretations and is by far the best. Having other people humilate your cuckold means you don’t feel so bad, he feels worse and everyone’s happy!