7 Ways to Celebrate Female Sexuality

“How do you want to feel when you’re fully present in your sexual power?”

That’s one of the questions that sex coach, sex educator and activist Dawn Serra suggested women ask themselves to shed the expectations and shame put upon them and move toward embracing their sexuality.

“Celebrating your sexuality is about knowing yourself intimately and not apologizing for who you are and what you crave,” Serra says. “What kind of pleasure do you want to experience? What kinds of touches does your body crave (if any)? What stories do you need to let go of? What turns you on, what gets you excited, what makes you moan with anticipation—both in and out of the bedroom?”

So how do you start to answer those questions? We asked the experts for their tips—so break out your party hat (and vibrator) and start celebrating:


Your sexuality is constantly evolving, Serra says—so give yourself permission to change your mind about what you like (or don’t like). “Get curious and try new things—take a BDSM class, try some tantra, get an erotic massage, buy yourself a new sex toy, watch some feminist porn and see what your body responds to,” she advises.

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