7 Sexy Things he’ll Love you Doing!

Men are quite simple creatures really and there are plenty of ways you can make him exceptionally happy by doing very little.

Day in Bed

The very most fundamental of pleasures, however one that he’ll love – we promise! Men love spontaneity and they love fun – so grab him when he’s not expecting it and make him crazy about you.

One of these days, turn off the iPhone, crumple up the to-do list and spend the day in bed. A full day of fun and frolics is sure to titillate and excite and if that’s not enough for you it’s free, beats work and will drive him wild.

Pleasure him by allowing him pleasure you

There’s plenty of items and devices on the shelves these days and the web is full of them, too, if you don’t want to make eye contact with the checkout guy. So, why not indulge in an item and let him to get grips with it on you – it’s sure to be fun, exciting and give both of you plenty of pleasure. It doesn’t have to be confined to the bedroom either.  Love eggs and other items can take the naughtiness to a whole new level and away from the bedroom – www.kinkycherries.co.uk has a whole selection.


Does he like chocolate? Most men do, it’s that simple – it’s not a pleasure merely confined to girls. So, why not be dessert for one night. Hand him the jar of edible chocolate and a brush and let him have the time of his life – it’s sure to make him excited.

Take Control

Men love when women take control in the bedroom, so surprise him in any way you think he’ll like – toys or no toys – it’s your choice.

Skinny Dipping

It’s summer and when is a better time for that nude naughty dip for two people – probably never. So, sneak off together and strip, before taking a dip. It’s a lot of fun and he’s sure to love the adventurous side you show.


A bottle of champagne, some steam and some suds and you’ve the makings of a perfect evening. Drive him wild by spending a nice Romanic evening in the hot tub together.

Get Dressed Up

We don’t mean in something nice either. What’s his fantasy dress-up – maybe it’s a French maid, maybe it’s a police woman – ask him and then surprise him one evening in it. Men love women who dress up and he’s sure to get excited when he sees you in your finery. It can be as kinky as you want it to be, one thing’s for sure is that it will be fun.

Get Away from it All

What better way to get lucky than to book a trip away for both of you on a whim. Give him short notice and pack your stuff – some kinky, some nice – and head to sunnier climes for some time together. There are plenty of great last minute deals always on offer thanks to the web – so go for it.

Men are quite simple folk as we’ve mentioned and any of the above should work and get him nice and excited. So, have fun, enjoy and thrill him