6 Sexy Movies You’ve Never Seen!

It’s the weekend and you’re looking for a movie to watch with your special guy or group of girlfriends. Something romantic? Maybe a little sexy? Perhaps downright erotic? Checkout Scandalouswomen’s guide to six totally hot movies you may have never seen. From the classically inspired to Indie and modern post teen-driven trashy, these flicks are sure to get your pulse racing! So check you queue in Netflix, the shelves at the video store, or your cable pay-per-view for the following scandalous-approved movies, get the popcorn popped, ice the drinks and get ready for a fun movie night!

1Young Lady Chatterley: new money and a sexy gardener turns a good girl scandalous!

If you were bored to tears by D.H. Lawrence’s erotic literary classic Lady Chatterley’s Lover and the 1981 film adaptation, you owe it to yourself to see Young Lady Chatterley. A staple of late-night premium cable channels in the early 80s, Young Lady Chatterley is the tale of the original Lady Chatterley’s American niece, Cynthia, who inherits her aunt’s fortune and English estate. Inspired by the lusty tales her aunt left in a hidden diary, Cynthia sets out on her own erotic affairs with the gardener and several other warm bodies before her none-the-wiser fiance arrives.

What makes it hot: The acting and storyline is very good by softcore standards. Leading lady Harley McBride is believable as a ‘good girl’ discovering her sexuality and she isn’t a product of plastic surgeons!

Memorable scene: Just for fun (and to offend her prudish limo driver), Cynthia picks up a hitchhiker and has a very hot backseat hook up with him as the driver looks on through the rear view mirror.

Memorable line: “But I like gladiolus!”

Does she get away with it? Yes, Cynthia lives happily ever after in sexual bliss with both the gardener and her husband.

2Cruel Intentions II explores ‘mean girl’ boundaries

Sloppy writing and marginal acting only add to the trashy charm of Cruel Intentions II. Starring a young pre-Man of Steel Amy Adams, It was originally written as a TV series version of 1999’s deliciously evil original but FOX Television canceled it because conservative religious whiners complained about  ‘obscenities’ before the first episode ever aired. The producers quickly re-edited the first three episodes of what was to be called “Manchester Prep,” added a few juicier scenes, and released it straight to DVD as a prequel to the first movie. The players as beautiful but Cruel Intentions II nevertheless has a certain charm that rises above it’s overall mediocrity. Unburdened by the star-power of Sarah Michelle Geller and Ryan Phillipe who would have never gone for some of CI II’s racier material, the writers were free to push the boundaries of the mean girl theme.

Kathyrn Merteuil rules her private school via a secret society that decides who is popular and who is not. She uses raw sexuality and blackmails school officials to have her way. Sebastian Valmont, just as in the original, is her foil. The ‘cruel’ twist at the end was very surprising and certainly hot. If you enjoy youth-driven night time soaps like Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, and 90210, you’ll definitely revel in Cruel Intentions II and mourn the weekly TV show that might have been.

What makes it hot: Kathryn is the conniving little bitch we love to hate… or hate to love. She’s pure evil, and we like seeing her win.

Memorable scene: Kathryn sitting on a male teacher’s desk who she’s blackmailing and pushing his head towards her spread thighs after she’s convinced him to bend some academic rules for her.

Memorable line: From the scene above. When the teacher says, “I worship you Kathryn,” she responds,”Worship works best on your knees… please be quiet… I’m trying to imagine I’m with someone attractive.”

Does she get away with it? Yes, Kathryn’s downfall doesn’t happen until the events of the first Cruel Intentions movie. But don’t worry. Kathryn’s sexy evil cousin Cassidy Merteuil shows up in part 3.

3The Stud: ‘cougar’ before it was cool

Joan Collins plays Joan Collins in everthing she does, from Alexis Carrington from the 1980s night time soap ‘Dynasty,’ to her short run as queen bee Alexandra Spaulding on CBS’s defunct ‘Guiding Light.’ In 1978, she was the original rich cougar in The Stud, based on her sister Jackie Collin’s novel of the same name. Collins plays Fontaine Khaled, the London wife of a wealthy but boring businessman. She spends his money on her night club and partying. She hires a very young manager, Tony, to run her club, but his real job is satisfying her sexual demands. At the end of the film she is divorced by her husband for cheating on him. Though the overall film is dated (the clothes, the music, etc.), it’s a pure trashterpiece and watching Collins use her boy toy for sex is exhilarating.

What makes it hot: Collins was ‘cougar’ before cougar was cool.

Memorable scene: Several, including Collins’ sex scene with her young stud muffin in the elevator. She secretly videos it.

Memorable line: “Well… that was nice.”

Does she get away with it? No, her husband finds the video Fontaine made in the elevator and divorces her. 🙁

4Playing With Fire is a tease and sleaze thriller.

In this throwback to B-movie erotic thrillers of  the 1980s, beautiful rich kids get their kicks from the sexual conquests of ‘peasants.’ The guys are pretty and the women absolutely wicked in this overlooked flick that relies more on erotic innuendo than graphic depictions. Daphne Hendron (Kelly Albanese) hates sharing her late daddy’s oil fortune with her equally spoiled stepmother, washed-up ’80s TV star Sandra Newell (Susan Anton), even though live in a beautiful tudor mansion that comes complete with practically nude gorgeous house boys who cater to their every need. At night, Daphne is a thrill seeker with a smoking body, a party hard attitude and a clique of like-minded friends. They have their fun by playing sexual games and making bets on who will bed who first. But when Daphne finally meets medical student and hottie Nick Benedict she decides to reform her bad girl ways. Or does she?

What makes it hot: We do like seeing the rich kids play, don’t we?

Memorable scene: The tension when one of Daphne’s boy toys realizes his girlfriend is also having a fling with Daphne.

Memorable line: “Yes, I don’t even do it professionally anymore… I just have sex for the hell of it.”

Does she get away with it? Depends on which “she” you’re referring to.

5The Cuckold: exploring the the white wife/black lover theme

The Cuckold is an independent, well-thought-out and elegant movie about a not-so-new sexual fetish, called Cuckoldry. This includes what happens when black men are added to the mix. The feature deals with the lives of various people, including Mark; a successful white businessman and his white wife, Shannon (who is gullible and sexually prudish at first). Mark discovers that Shannon is attracted to a young black man named Maxwell, a discovery that makes him increasingly distraught. There’s also Nicole, also married, who desires black men. Although happily married, this doesn’t stop her from cheating on him with virile, thuggish and hypersexual black men. Luther is the symbol of true masculinity; a militant, menacing and hypersexual black male who throws swingers’ parties, involving young, successful black men and white females of all types, from strippers to soccer moms and MILFs, as their white husbands and boyfriends watch. When Nicole invites Shannon to one of these swingers parties to have a taste of the “dark meat” she secretly craves, events turn tragic as jealousy and rage erupt.

What makes it hot: The taboo themes of infidelity and interracial sex

Memorable scene: The swingers/Mandingo party. Can we get an invitation to that?

Memorable line: “…a cold glass of milk with Oreo cookies.” (Nicole describing sex with black men.)

Does she get away with it? Yes, but it doesn’t turn out good.

6Strictly Sexual: hiring lovers for no-strings-attached sex

In the 21st century, who says women can’t pay for sexual gratification? In Los Angeles, the wealthy aspirant writer Donna and her best friend (also aspirant designer) Christi Ann are bored of relationships and decide to chase two escorts in a bar for one night stand. After a night of sex, the women discover the misunderstanding and that the men are indeed unemployed workers. They offer them to stay in a tent near the swimming-pool with beer and food while they search for jobs; in return, they would be their “boy-toys” during the nights in a strictly sexual relationship.

Sexy and romantic, this indie flick debuted at the Cannes filmfest in 2008. It isn’t weighed down by over-formulated, sanitized, predictable, sickly-sweet plot lines. It is One part Sex in the City, and one part The Notebook, so don’t miss this one!

What makes it hot: Falling in love with a really hot guy… and he loves you back!

Memorable scene: A fantasy revealed, then acted out, to a very funny conclusion.

Memorable line: Watch this movie for free and find out!

Does she get away with it? Yes!