5 Foreplay Tips from the Kamasutra

The Kamasutra is very well known as being an ancient book on lovemaking. As a matter of fact, this is much more than a manual on lovemaking, as it goes into more than sexual intercourse. There are a lot of things in our lives that happen so quickly that we tend to rush things, including sex. The Kamasutra works to teach us to go slower and to make things spicier while bringing foreplay into the forefront as being very important. The game of sex is meant to be fun all the way up to the final act, so you want to prolong the process to the final act as long as possible.

Always create an atmosphere filled with love with the person that you care about most using these steps for foreplay mentioned below:

The Embrace

In the Kamasutra, foreplay involves the act of embracing your partner before sexual intercourse begins. However, there is a difference between a hug and this embrace. While embracing the Kamasutra way, you need to use more than just your arms. You should be rubbing, pressing and touching with the front portion of your body. This creates a noticeable touching sensation where you deter from the use of hands. At this time, make sure that you lay on some soft kisses and even brush against your partner’s lips.

The Kiss

It is said that kissing should be done in moderation within the Kamasutra and this is something important to remember. When you think about it, increasing the intensity and speed of kissing can accelerate the process. When you are doing foreplay, you have to remember to take it slow. You can kiss wherever you like, however it is best to explore other places than the zones that are known to cause sexual stimulation.

The Nails

Nail use can be very beneficial for marking, pressing or even scratching. This is something that generally is done once actions get intense, so do not use it in an early stage. Nail actions can be done with the first visit, setting out on a journey, after reconciliation of a fight and on the return of a journey; all of which are outlined in the book. These actions can be done alone with bites, just remember to keep in mind and do not use force.

The Bite

There is an entire chapter dedicated to the Bite, as it plays a very crucial role. All of the places that can be kissed may also be bitten. However, there are exceptions including the interior of the mouth, the upper lip and the eyes. Different forms of the bite include:

– The swollen bite

– The point

– The broken cloud

– The line of jewels

– The hidden bite

– The point

– The line of points

– The coral and the jewel

It is also going to be very important that you always understand that biting should only be done with the absolute consent of your partner, as there are always people who do not like it as much as the next.

Submission Of Man

A sexual union will usually bring about the idea that the man takes charge of the entire process, while the woman is there as a submissive party. The Kamasutra works on saying that women are to be in the forefront of the game of sex as well. In the book, Kamasutra works to encourage women to act out any of their sexual aggressions while taking control of sex. This is something that is going to be expected during foreplay and the woman should never feel as though she has to shy away from acting upon any fantasies. Be on top of your man. Foreplay is a wonderful appetizer for sex, meaning that is is always best served hot and slow.