A Mermaid's Tail

The one good thing about working for the city’s parks and recreations department? I always have access to keys for the indoor swimming pool, which is deserted after hours. I stood at the pool’s edge one night in a pink, fluffy bathrobe, daring myself to jump in. The only thing to lose were a few unwanted inhibitions. I was tired of being reserved and demure.


I yanked the robe off with nothing resembling alure and dove into the chlorinated water. I felt my body relax with each caress of the water against my naked skin. I didn’t hear the door softly open and close.

“Ciao, Amanda! I saw your car still outside.” But everyone should have been gone! I turned around quckly, hiding my lack of bathing suit by cowering down and pressing my body as hard as I could against the tile walls of the pool. Carlo was one of those guys who oozed sex; from the way he walked, to the way he breathed, to the way his full lips moved as thick Italian-accented words flowed out of his mouth. All the girls in the office wanted him. Sarah, the high school senior intern, was willing to hand over her virginity.

Everyone had tried to get me to talk to him in Italian as a way to keep him in the room, but Italian was the language of my grandparents. My vocabulary consisted of pizza, ravioli, and spaghetti. If only I could get a few words out in any language to explain what I was doing in a public pool naked.

“Carlo. I know must looks really bad.”

He walked up to the edge I was pressed against and smiled broadly. “Actually, what I see looks really good.”

“Is there anything I can do to keep this from getting to the boss in the morning?”

“Si, you can let me swim with you, Sirena.”

“Okay, since I’m already here.” I giggled, trying to appear braver than I felt.

Watching Carlo take off his clothes was unforgettable. I studied his thick black hair and pool-blue eyes; the way his muscles rippJed like the water I trembled in as he pulled off his shirt; the little sprinkling of dark hair on his belly just above the zipper of his jeans. He was slow and teasing in removing those pants. When they were finally off I couldn’t help but stare at his large, cinnamon-colored dick.

He dove into the water and swam out to the middle before surfacing again. I held my breath. If possible, dripping-wet Carlo was even sexier than the dry version.

“Come here. Sirena.” I could not have refused him if I tried.

The water where he stood was too deep for me. His arms wrapped around me and pulled me close, supporting me against his hard warmth. I tried to give myself courage by babbling.

“What are you calling me? ‘Sirena?'”

“‘Sirena’ is a mermaid, and it’s not every day a man gets to swim with such a beauty. Especially a beauty who hides every time I speak to her.” He smiled. “Can’t hide now.”

He kissed me. It was so intoxicating I had to remember to breathe; to feel his shoulders in the palms of my hands; the press of his chest on mine. His hands were against the small of my back before his fingers moved down to clasp my ass, the hardening of his cock pressed against my belly. Cario kissed and nibbled his way down my neck and the not-so-gentle pull of his mouth sucking at each nipple made me moan loudly and inch even closer. My legs tried to wrap around his hips, but he evaded me, lifting me up and sitting me on the edge of the pool.

“Lay back, Sirena.” he whispered.

His fingers found my pussy first, and massaged it gently, parting the folds to make room for his mouth. His tongue was everywhere at once, slow at first then increasing speed, lapping up and down on my clit, then massaging it from side to side. I lunged against him and grabbed his hair, crying out as I came.

“Mmm. Sirena.” He spoke something sexy in Italian, lifted himself out of the water, and scooted us both up to where he could press his body over mine. He kissed me again. I took his cock in my hands and stroked it while tracing its veins with my fingertips. The head of his cock nudged against me. I was so wet and hungry for him that he completely entered me on the first stroke. We moved together, our hips in unison, at a pace meant to be slow and excruciating. I thought I couldn’t take anymore and was on the verge of asking him to stop when I felt another orgasm flood my body. His cock swelled; those last thrusts were pushed by the spasms of his own body, tightening his thighs, hips, and belly. Our orgasms were seconds away from simultaneous.

If losing your inhibitions means sex like that, then I’m only sorry I didn’t jump in that pool a lot sooner. But there wil be many more encounters with Carlo to make up for it.

~Amanda – St. Paul, MN