Cuckold Fantasies Vol.1 Reviewed

I found out in college that watching porn with a group of other drunk people will often reveal secrets otherwise best kept private. Last night Amanda, the quiet and shy goodie goodie in our club, announced her husband likes to dress in women’s lingerie. After a few well deserved giggles, I got the whole story out of her. SHE was the one who was encouraging it! I’ve never been into the whole sissification thingy. I like my men studly. But Amanda?? Who would have thought! It just goes to show that if you think of sex as a buffet, there is something hot for everyone. Roman Video gets this, and has a lot of succulent morsels under the heat lamps in Cuckold Fantasies Vol 1.

You’ve got to love Harmony, the leading lady in this flick. For guys, shes like the first girl that led you astray. For us girls, though, she’s like, well, that first girl who led you astray! She’s the one who got you drunk the first time, gave you your first cigarette, and taught you to give a blowjob with a carrot stick. In this movie, she’s into the whole sissy thing. Harmony dresses her wimpy husband in girly clothes, spanks him over her knee, all the while verbally degrading him with promises of lovers with bigger dicks. In fact, one is knocking on the door almost immediately.

Frank Towers is our leading man – a well built rugged type with a big juicy kielbasa between his legs. Him and Harmony fall into each other’s arms and sample all the delights this cuckolding buffet has to offer while her poor hungry husband looks on. Being such a big guy, he easily lifts her around into any number of hot sex positions. He even gets in on the verbal abuse of Harmony’s hubby. “Your wife’s mouth feels sooo good. She really sucks my cock good”

As is the norm with Roman Video’s Cuckold Fantasy movies, the climax comes when Towers cums inside and on Harmony and, of course, her wimpy husband is forced to eat the softserve so common at all-you-can-eat buffets. But unlike other movies of this genre from other companies, Roman video always shows us the psychological aspect of cuckolding. Men watching who have never been cuckolded will be filled with all types of emotions at the thought of not only their sweet brides being fucked by another man, but also with the verbal abuse that follows. Women watching who have never cuckolded their man are easily taken in by the blissful glamorization of it all.

Cuckold Fantasies Vol. 1 is the flick that started this excellent series. It is an amazing maiden voyage.

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