Joannie Slams Chachi: Erin Moran says Scott Baio had "size issues."

Ah… I used to love Joannie Love Chachi! Who knew Joanie was a size queen?? In an interview with FOX New’s Gregg Jerrett about Baio’s new reality series, the former teen actor let loose with a scandalous tidbit.

JARRETT: All right. Are you going to talk to Erin Moran who was your co-star in “Happy Days,” in that other program?

BAIO: Yep, we talked to her in episode one, which aired Sunday before last and she told me I had some physical issues.

JARRETT: Physical issues!

BAIO: Size issues.

JARRETT: Wait a minute. Didn’t each of you lose your virginity?

BAIO: I lost my virginity to her; she was an old pro…

JARRETT: What was the size issue?

BAIO: Well, when you lose your virginity, there’s one thing you use.


JARRETT: All right.

BAIO: I was 16. I was a late bloomer…


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