Her hand lingered over his belt buckle, debating the question that hindered her hurried fingers. She forced him onto the bed with a less-than-playful shove, momentarily separating herself from his persistent tongue. “How old are you?” she asked firmly. “Eighteen.” She eyed him suspiciously. “I swear! Look!” His voice was panicked as he fumbled around for his wallet. “See?” He presented her with his driver’s license proving that he was of age. He’d hardly been eighteen for two weeks. It was good enough for her though, and she tossed his wallet on the floor.

They’re introducing themselves as freshman at our tailgate parties, flexing in front of mirrors at our gyms, partying with our younger brothers, and serving us margaritas at our local bars. We’re immediately lured in by the halo of naivety in their eyes and that rare opportunity to be the more, ahem, practiced individual under the sheets. Perhaps it’s their assumed innocence that makes them so appealing, but the satisfaction that comes from teaching them a few tricks we’ve picked up along the way keeps us going back for more. They’re young and sexy, and better yet, they’re eager to learn. This is why we’re taking them to bed.

10They aren’t looking for a commitment

We are constantly being reminded of our single statuses, as if it were a blemish smack in the middle of our forehead relieved only by marriage. Whether we’re avoiding relationships just for now or have sworn off monogamy for life, younger men tend to share the same mind set. They don’t want to be tied down any more than we do. Unless, of course, that’s something you’re into.

9They’re submissive

Ready to learn and slightly intimidated by the age gap, younger men are more than willing to let us have control. They’ll obey our every command simply because they’re trying to make up for their lack of experience.

8They’re always available

They might have part time jobs and take a few classes, but neither seem to require steady attendance. Unless it’s finals week, their lack of schedule means we can receive their services on demand.

7They have a high sex drive

They’ll stop by before we head to work, on our lunch break, and then again after dinner. Their boss isn’t on their ass about an assignment, their parents aren’t pressuring them to start a family, and their bills aren’t piling up on the kitchen counter. There’s little on their mind that would hinder Mr. Johnson from reaching his maximum potential height.

6They’re good students

They ask us what we want and how we want it. They’re sure to quickly figure out what works to get us to our O moment, and since the instructions are coming from our own mouths, there’s no getting it wrong. Say goodbye to sexual frustration.

5They’re optimistic

The “real world” hasn’t screwed them over yet. They have unrealistic dreams and ambitions to throw on a red cape and save the planet. In turn, we’re reminded of our own youthful goals and can be inspired to reconnect with the enthusiasm of our past selves.

4They’re still virgins

There’s something desirable about the guys who manage to get out of high school with their v-cards still tucked away in their back pockets. This rare discovery can turn almost any dud into a stud, so we have to act fast when they cross our paths. It’s only a matter of time before their cards are snatched up and they’ll lose that distinctive quality we originally sought after.

3They’re keeping us in the loop

We don’t always need to know the name of the new pop star whose latest single is climbing the charts or be up on the hottest fashion movements, but having younger guys around definitely keeps us up to date. They’re introducing us to the newest whiskey flavor, explaining to us what an ABC Party is, and taking us to see that local band that’s bound for stardom. Most importantly, they’re keeping us informed when a new sex trend comes along and are happy to jump right into practicing them.

2Live out the fantasy

We’ve all had our fantasies, and while not all of them can be made a reality (like spreading strawberry jam all over Ryan Gosling’s chest, peanut butter all over Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s and turning them into a yummy midnight snack), this one can. We get to be our own sort of Mrs. Robinson.

1Men have been dating younger women for decades, and we’re curious

Why should they be the ones to have all the fun? And now that we see what the appeal is, we’re not stopping anytime soon!

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Born and raised on Long Island, Rose Burke didn’t fly far from the nest when she enrolled in the six-year-plan at Hofstra University, eventually graduating with a degree in Fine Arts. She sort-of writes a blog based on a bucket list of fifty things she’s never done before. Even the small tasks challenge her to step out of her comfort zone and embrace her awkward tendencies. Not-so-shockingly, the most noteworthy moments of her childhood often included the Scholastic Book Fair, in particular the day Jon Scieszka signed her very own copy of The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales and labeled her his ‘favorite stinker’.


  1. Hot article, Rose. I had this very experience last fall. I’m single and 28, just dating around. Most of the guys I see are very serious and career-oriented, which is important but I’m not ready for a serious ‘vanilla skies and white picket fences’ relationship. I hooked up with a college freshman last October. The whole weekend was about partying and having sex. It was awesome and refreshing. I may settle down with one of these stable and successful guys, but that experience put me back in touch with a part of me I really miss!

    • Thank you Annalynn for reading and for sharing your story! I had a similar experience when I got out of a long and tedious relationship several years ago, which inspired this article. Younger guys tend to bring out my youthful spirit, and let the fun back into my life. I just can’t get enough! I’m glad to hear you can relate!

  2. Great read Rose! I can definitely relate! I’ve always tossed aside the younger men but this article has definitely shown me I should give them a second look! I can’t wait to come back for more of your articles and insights!

  3. I have never had sex with a man younger than myself although I have found some to be attractive and may flirt every once in a while. You brought up some really good points in this article and I may need to rethink this younger guy thing myself also. Hmmm.